Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Relode Agent?

Relode agents are friends, colleagues, and professionals. They are stay at home parents, highly connected individuals, recruiters, and clinicians. They are the community looking out for each other, and helping each other do what they love to do.


What are the benefits of becoming an agent?

  1. Earn extra income when someone you refer is hired.
  2. Earn extra income when a Relode agent you invited refers someone who is hired.
  3. Take pleasure in connecting great people to great jobs without the traditional runaround.
  4. Work when you want, where you want.  You are in control of your schedule and location.


How do agents find out about jobs?

There are three ways agents can find out about jobs to refer candidates from their network:

  1. Configure your agent profile is active to receive weekly emails of referral opportunities.  Remember to configure your agent settings to include all positions and locations from your network.
  2. Configure your agent profile to receive immediate emails when matching referral opportunities are identified.  Any time a new job order is added to the system, we’ll immediately notify those agents whose settings match the job.
  3. Once logged in to your account at, you can go to the Jobs section, browse all jobs from our web site, and click on a job to refer a candidate anytime.


How do agents get paid?

Agents are paid via direct deposit.  Once an agent has earned a reward with Relode, we’ll send information to the agent for registering with our payroll service.  All agents are treated as independent contractors.


When do agents get paid?

Agents are paid according to the specific details of their recruiting contract and Relode’s recruiting policy.  Usually, this means after Relode receives payment from the client, agents will receive 50% of their reward on day 31 of employment for their candidate who was hired and the remaining 50% reward on day 61.  The same schedule also applies to sponsor rewards when someone you invite joins Relode and refers a candidate who is hired.


What if I just want to connect others to jobs and not be paid?

No problem.  We understand certain teaching, advising, or occupations are unable to accept rewards for connecting their networks to great jobs.  In those cases, Relode will work with the agent to donate their reward to a local non-profit on their behalf.  No conflict for you, a great candidate finds a great job, and a local non-profit is helped.  Win-win-win!


Are there other ways agents get paid?

Yes!  You can invite members of your network to become Relode agents and earn rewards when their candidates are hired.  Think of it as passive income.  Look for the “Invite others” button in emails or under the Agents area of the web site.


Do I need to be a recruiter to be successful?

Not at all!  Some agents are motivated and interested in actively searching for candidates while others rely on normal interactions with their network to reveal opportunities for connecting candidates to jobs.


Is this a conflict with my current job?

Relode relies on you to review all employment agreements to ensure you are compliant with them.  If you are unsure, please consult your own legal counsel.


How do I find candidates if I become a Relode agent?

Tap into your own personal, professional, and community networks to find candidates.


Do I have to screen the candidates I submit?

Absolutely!  The goal of Relode is to connect a great candidate with a job opportunity that they interests them.  You best know their interests and how the job is a match for them.  Don’t worry! We’ll handle the heavy lifting of communication, coordination, and scheduling once you connect us to your screened candidate.


Will I be paid if my candidate is hired for a different job?

Yes!  You are attributed as the source of your screened candidate forever in Relode’s system.  If we find another job that is a good fit for your candidate, we will reach out to you at that time.


How do I submit a candidate for a job?

There are three ways to submit a candidate:

1. If you receive our weekly email with referral opportunities, just click on a job and complete the referral form.

2. Once logged in to your account, you can go to the Jobs section, browse all jobs from our web site, and click on a job to refer a candidate.

3. Once logged in to your account, to add another candidate to a job, you can go to the Candidates section, press +Candidate, and type the name of the job along with candidate information.

Agents will interact primarily with their assigned Relode Account Executive (AE). The AE is a Relode employee who is responsible for the job and ensures everything runs smoothly for all parties involved.


Can I submit multiple candidates for a job?

Sure!  If multiple candidates in your network are qualified and interested, please submit them.  We are regularly getting job orders from clients with multiple openings.


How will I know if my candidate is hired?

There are a couple of ways that we keep you updated on your candidates:

1. Whenever something happens related to your candidates, you’ll receive a Daily Recap email highlighting the job and action.  You can click the links in the email to quickly access information at

2. Once logged in to your account at, you can go to the Candidates section to see all candidates you’ve submitted.  Each candidate’s tile will include their current status in the jobs they are being considered for.

3. Relode’s Account Executive assigned to your candidate’s job will notify you when your candidate is hired.  Let the celebration begin!


What if I want to apply for a job?

Go for it!  Our client chose Relode to find great candidates.  Sometimes, the shoe just fits!


What if I have questions?

We’ve got you covered!

If your questions are general in nature, contact us via phone at 844.773.5633, email us at, or chat with us once logged in at

If your question is regarding a specific job, you can send a message through the system to the Relode-assigned Account Executive. Just go to the job’s details page and click the “Send message/feedback” link.

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