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At Relode, we’re on a mission to disrupt traditional staffing and to create flexibility for recruiters, like you, who want to take control of their career. The Relode platform gives our virtual recruiter community access to jobs from top healthcare clients from around the country, allowing you to work anytime, from anywhere.

Benefits of joining Relode:

  • Flexibility. Work from anywhere you want, whenever you want. As a 1099 contractor you become your own boss with complete autonomy.
  • Great Rewards. Refer candidates to top jobs and earn between $1,000 and $15,000 per hire. Plus, earn Submission Rewards for each client submitted candidate, deposited directly in your bank account within 24 hours.
  • Proprietary Platform. We built this platform just for you. Browse jobs, match leads, qualify candidates, and track everything seamlessly. Our platform helps you make the most of every minute, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  • Support. Receive real-time support from your designated Talent Advisor support team, and direct access to Relode Account Managers.
  • Community. We’re on a mission to disrupt staffing. Join us and become a part of something bigger.

Here’s what you need:

  • At least one year of recruiting experience, preferably in healthcare.
  • Comfortable working virtually as a commission-based, 1099 contractor.
  • Experience in sourcing, interviewing, and managing candidates through the entire hiring process.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen with U.S. based contact information and bank account to qualify.
  • Must be motivated to find great candidates.

relode community guidelines

By joining Relode you agree to the following...

  1. Remove any mention of the client name, specific facility name, or salary information from any external job postings, whether on a personal website or public job board.
  2. Refrain from recruiting candidates currently or previously employed with an active Relode client.
  3. Speak directly with each individual candidate you refer into Relode before entering them into the Review stage for consideration by the Account Manager.
  4. Use discretion when representing yourself to candidates or any external parties, as a partner of the Relode brand.
  5. Only input accurate contact and personal information for any candidates you refer and adhere to the prompts for any duplicate candidate error messages you may receive.

Relode reserves the right to remove any user from the platform for violating the items listed above or in the full Recruiting Agreement and Terms of Use that you can review at any time.

how do payments work?

As a Relode Talent Advisor, there are two types of rewards you are eligible to earn on every job.

Submission Rewards

  • You receive these rewards each time one of your candidates is moved into the Submitted stage by the Account Executive for an opportunity.
  • This payment will be deposited within 48 business hours.
  • The amount you receive is based on the listed submission reward at the time you linked your candidate to the job. This is to prevent any earnings fluctuations if the submission or hire rewards should change after your referral.

Hire Rewards

  • These rewards are listed on each job from your jobs tab, and in the order section within the opportunity. You will receive the "referred by" and "managed by" rewards if your candidate is hired.
  • The only exception to this earning is if you were given split commission, then you will only earn the managed by reward for the hire.
  • All hire rewards are paid based on each job's guarantee period, also listed in the order section of the role. Half of your reward (50%) will be paid at the halfway point of the guarantee period, upon active employment confirmation being returned to our team. The second half (50%) is paid at the fulfillment of the guarantee period, upon client confirmation.
  • Locum & Contract Roles: Hire rewards for these types of jobs are paid on a bi-weekly pay period and have no guarantee period. The hire reward listed is the total amount you will be paid over the length of the listed contract dates. You can calculate your bi-weekly payments by diving the total reward, by the amount of weeks in the contract.
  • No hire rewards, for permanent placements, can be paid without client confirmation being returned to our team. This is to ensure the candidate has met both guarantee period milestones with the client.
  • Once a candidate has been confirmed, you will receive your payment within 48 business hours.

where can i see my earnings?

earnings tab

The Earnings tab allows you to easily track all payments you earn within Relode for both Submission and Hire rewards.

  1. Status: You can track what part of the process your payment is in by the status listed. The following are the payment status' you will see...

  2. Pending: Your payment has been created in the Relode system for a Submission or Hire reward. > Payments will remain in the Pending status, for hire rewards, until client confirmation has been returned to the Accounting team.

  3. Confirmed: The candidate has met a guarantee period milestone (either halfway or the fulfillment) and the client has confirmed their employment.

  4. Approved: Your payment has been fully processed and approved for deposit, you will receive it in your bank account within 48 business hours once moved into this status.

  5. Cancelled: The payment has been cancelled. This may occur when a candidate's start date changes from what was originally provided to our team. The original payment will be cancelled and a new listing will be created to reflect the updated start.

  6. Due Date: This is the date of your candidate's guarantee period milestone. This is not the date your payment will happen. It is to signify when the confirmation has been triggered to the client. Your hire rewards are dependent on confirmation being returned to our team and moved into the "Confirmed" stage.

  7. Change Date: This is the date our Accounting team has updated your payment status for you to know when the payment will be deposited. (Ex: If the status is Approved and the change date is on Wednesday, you will know your payment will arrive on Friday).

submission rewards

As a Relode Talent Advisor, you receive the listed job Submission Reward for each candidate moved into the Submitted stage! Once a candidate is moved into Submitted by the Account Executive it means they are being considered by the client to either move forward with an interview or decline for the position.

When you attach a candidate to any job, their profile is timestamped with the exact date and time of referral along with the listed submission reward a hire commission listed on the role at that time. This internal timestamp is to ensure you are not effected by any type of earnings fluctuations that may occur on the job for either the submission reward or hire commissions. The payment amount listed on the job, at the time of referral, is what you will earn, regardless of a decrease of increase to those amount afterwards.

job posting guidelines

as a relode virtual talent advisor you are able to post positions on external job sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn, however we require that if you make any type of public postings that you adhere to the following guidelines per the relode recruitment agreement...

  1. no client/facility name is to be listed as the hiring company or anywhere within the job description.

  2. no salary or salary ranges should be listed, this includes hourly rates and shift differentials.

this information can be shared with the candidate when you speak with them about the role, however publicly posting the above details will result in the user being removed from the relode platform.

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