the relode process

does relode have international recruiters?

At this time, Relode is only able to accept virtual recruiters who are based within the United States, have an active U.S. bank account, and social security number. We encourage all international recruiters to check back with Relode in the future as we continue to grow into new markets!

how do i find out about jobs?

There are three ways Relode professional agents can find out about new job openings...

  • Sign up to receive weekly job alert emails. Make sure your profile settings are configured to the positions and locations you want to receive notification on.
  • Sign up to receive daily notifications when opportunities matching your profile are added to Relode. You can change your email settings at any time by signing into your account, going to "settings" and updating your notification preferences.
  • Head to the Relode job tab and search open positions by job title and location.

how do i know where my candidate is in the hiring process?

When you refer a candidate, we want to keep you informed of every stage in the process. To do this, we send you updates whenever your candidate progresses to the next stage. To help you understand what each stage means, we’ve outlined them below:

When you make a new referral, you will be able to see the candidate from your Relode dashboard in the "referrals" section. This also applies if your candidate applies using your unique link.

  • Review – This stage prompts action from the Relode team. This also means that an outbound action has occurred (text, call or email), and the candidate is in the process of being screened by our internal team for ensure they are qualified. Please allow several days to for this stage to fully happen, it takes time for our team to review their profile and make multiple contact attempts. The best way to ensure your candidate moves quickly through this step of the process is to let them know to expect communication from Relode!
  • Consideration – The Account Executive has sent your candidate for to be considered by the client.
  • Eliminated – A Relode team member or the client has determined that this candidate is not the right fit for a position. Each time a candidate is eliminated you will be provided with a specific reason why.
  • __ Hired__ – The candidate has accepted the offer; this stage will also include final salary and start date for the candidate.

how do i get paid?

Once you’ve successfully referred a candidate and they're hired for the opportunity, here’s how you will be paid:

All Relode hire rewards are paid via direct deposit. You must have a U.S. bank account and social security number to receive any type of payment from our team. All Relode professional agents are 1099, independent contractors.

You will receive 50% of the hire reward once the first half of the listed job guarantee period has occured, and the other 50% at the end of the guarantee period. Guarantee period milestone requires confirmation to be obtained from the client that your candidate is still actively working. Each guarantee period is the length of time your candidate is required to be actively employed by the client in order for you to receive the full hire reward. Most guarantee period will range between 30-90 days and are listed within each job along with the payment breakdown for you.

Once the first half of the guarantee period is met, we will reach out to the client to confirm your candidate is still employed. Once we receive confirmation, we will process your reward and it will be paid within 48 business hours. The confirmation period may take several days to complete. We cannot begin the process of processing your payment until we receive confirmation from the client.

You're Relode dashboard includes a payment information and payment history section, to better help you track your rewards and referrals all in one place.

To input your payment details, just log in to your Relode account and update your payment information to setup direct deposit. This is located in your Dashboard Profile Settings in the upper right hand corner.

All payments will be sent with an email notifying you of the payment amount, payment date, candidate details, and any other relevant information. You will also be able to quickly make updates to your payment information at any time.

how do locum payments work?

Locums Tenens are temporary, or contract positions for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that vary from a few hours per week, to 40+ hour per week roles. These contracts may last a few days, or can continue indefinitely, depending on the client’s needs.

  • The reward amount shown on each job will be paid bi-weekly over the contract period. In other words, the reward amount is divided by the number of weeks the candidate is contracted for and that amount is what you are paid every two weeks.
  • For each weekly timesheet received by our payroll department, you will receive a pro-rata reward amount based on the original length of the job order.