platform how-to's

how do i search jobs on the relode site?

Finding the right job for the right candidate is simple with our platform. Watch this short video to get started, or follow the steps below. Embedded content:

  • Log in in to your account and click the “jobs” tab at the top.
  • Use keywords to search for specific positions.

    You can filter jobs by items like location, job type, or schedule.

  • Click into any position to see the full job description and qualifications. You will also find the hire reward for each role listed next to the job as well, this is how much you will earn if your candidate is hired for the opportunity.

where is the client information?

Our clients value confidentiality, and we don't disclose the hiring company on our public jobs page per our client agreement. This information is also removed to decreases the risk of your candidate directly applying with the company rather than utilizing you as their recruiting to refer into Relode.

When you refer a candidate, our team will reach out to confirm their qualifications and interest in the role, at that time we will share the hiring company and salary details with them. Please reassure your candidate that their information and resume will never be sent to the client without being told the salary and client information and confirm their interest in being considered.

what roles can i recruit on?

As a Relode professional, you can source and refer candidates to any job in the Relode platform. We have over 200 open, active opportunities available on our jobs page and we encourage you to work on any job type, in any area that you want.

how do i know if the job is still open?

Every job you see listed on the Relode platform is open and accepting candidates. Once a position is paused or closed, we remove it from the website and if you have a candidate attached, we'll send you an email notification to keep you updated. Our jobs are updated each day by the Relode Account Executive team who manages them to ensure you're always seeing active needs from our clients. Roles can open and be put on pause, or close within the same day on occassion based on the need and amount of referrals that are sent in to that opportunity!

what jobs are the highest priority?

Within the jobs tab we mark the highest priority positions with a pink "featured" banner. Internally we consider these jobs to be "Tier 1" meaning the client is looking to move candidates through the hiring process quickly and has expressed a high need for referrals.

how do i refer a candidate?

After you have communicated with the candidate and gathered their resume and contact information, you can refer them by going to the “Jobs” page and finding the position of interest. Each job will has a “refer a candidate” button where you will enter the candidate’s information. From there, a Relode Talent Advisor will review the information and contact the candidate if they are qualified for the job. Candidate's who do not meet the qualifications based on their initial resume, or who state they're not interested will be automatically rejected from the opportunity.

You also have the option to share your unique link with candidates. In each job, you will see four small icons representing Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each of these icons will populate a message containing a unique link for your candidate to apply for the job. Sharing your unique link with candidates will ensure that you receive credit for their referral, even though they are directly applying for the position. Candidates are not able to see how much you will earn if they are hired for the opportunity through this unique link.

what does a "duplicate" error mean?

At Relode we have a 30 day ownership policy, if you try to refer a candidate and receive a duplicate error message, it means they are still within that 30 or 90 day period with another recruiter who referred them previously. Each candidate you refer into Relode will be yours for 30 days (if referred after April 6) or 90 days (if referred before April 6). This is to protect from duplicate profiles being created, and causing confusion for the candidate who is actively working with another recruiter.

Please ensure you have the candidate’s mobile phone number and an updated email address. Relode is not able to accept international or land-lines for candidates at this time. Any candidates that are input under false contact information will cause the Relode professional agent to be suspended from the platform indefinitely.

If you have questions about ownership, please email our support team at