RESOURCES: Case Studies

Friends Helping Friends: A Relode Agent Success Story

"My grandparents always asked me what I wanted to do," says Julie Garcia, RN, a labor and delivery nurse in California, "and I always knew that I wanted to help people or animals. It just happened that nursing worked out!" We caught up with Julie, a Relode Agent who...

Kevin McNamee: Relode Agent Success Story

Kevin McNamee works in recruiting, specifically in the information technology space. That's why when his boss told him about Relode and the earning potential for referring solid candidates, he was a little confused. "I was like 'Are you sure about this?'" Kevin...

Rochelle Hray: Candidate Success Story

She was an RN looking for something more fulfilling. Her Relode experience has renewed her excitement for her career choice. Find out why Rochelle Hray would recommend Relode to her colleagues and friends.

Relode Agent Success Story: Tayana Meridy

Meet Tayana Meridy, a part-time healthcare recruiter who has enjoyed supplementing her income by matching great candidates with jobs on Find out why she loves the flexibility and income provides.

American Physician Partners’ Story

Within the last month, Dan has hired six new team members through Relode. Relode’s innovative technology allowed Dan to reach a bigger pool of candidates, faster, and dig in to their backgrounds to find the right fit

Maggie’s Story

Maggie Howard shares details on her new position at Foundations Recovery Network.

naviHealth’s Story

“Relode is that top notch recruiting that has all the skills and technology to go out and find the best candidates.”  

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