Why We’re Thankful For Our Candidates

Nov 22

We are so grateful for the candidates who use Relode’s platform to find new opportunities in their career. Their passion for serving others in the work they do make it that much easier for us to be passionate about finding great jobs.

They Dream Big

Our candidates are willing to look beyond their current positions or opportunities and try something new. Whether they are moving across town or to another state, they are willing to dream big for their futures and to chase their goals.

They Take Chances

Often, it can be easiest to stay in the job you have even if you aren’t meeting your goals or being compensated fairly. It takes a little bit of ambition and dreaming to move on to new healthcare jobs and opportunities. There is rarely great reward without a little risk.

They Love a Community

Relode loves that our candidates stick around after they get placed into a new position. Our candidates stay up to date on our blog, encourage other candidates, and some even become agents. We’re thankful for their joint love of community and how they use it to propel success for themselves and others!

They’re Resilient

Finding a new job takes resilience. And we are so grateful for the candidates who are willing to stick with it, even if the first position they applied for didn’t work out. Sometimes finding the right fit takes a little time, and we appreciate the hard work and effort our candidates put in to find the right spot.

They Care for Us

More than anything else on this list, we are so thankful for the way they give and provide care. They are some of the world’s most talented, caring individuals. We are so grateful for their service to us and for they way they selflessly give day in and day out.

If you’re interested in learning how to practice gratitude at your work, here are some ideas you can try!

Alyssa McNally