When Persistence Pays Off

“I actually am a store manager, so I’ve done a little bit of recruiting and hiring before Relode,” Nisha says during our conversation on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. “I work full time and have been in retail for over 10 years.”

Nisha was on maternity leave when she began to look for opportunities that would allow her to earn income and spend more time with her daughter. “I came across Relode on Facebook and kept it in mind. After my maternity leave I came back to it and decided to sign up and see what it was about,” she says.

“I didn’t really know people in healthcare to be honest,” she says. “I started reading how people post jobs and thought ‘okay, I can try that,’ so I started looking at jobs and tried to look for ones in Houston. Once I started seeing resumes come in it was encouraging, I thought I could make time for this and I can do this.”

Nisha’s first couple months were difficult however. Since healthcare is such a specific field, at first the candidates she referred didn’t quite meet the qualifications. “I got a little discouraged and thought I couldn’t find the right candidates. But then I thought, ‘I have to do this’ and kept going.”

Nisha began to subscribe to the Relode Monday Brew, and started seeing more jobs. “I thought that I should look for jobs open in other places too and kept referring,” she says. Her first hire came soon afterwards. “It’s funny,” she says, “I’d referred her for one position and she wasn’t qualified, but there was another position she matched for. All of a sudden I got the email that she was qualified, and then she was in consideration and interviewing. I tried not to get my hopes up too much and then I was on my lunch break and happened to sign in to my email and there was an email that said congratulations, she got hired!”

For Nisha, the best part of recruiting with Relode is how easy it is to balance referring candidates with her full time job. “The best thing is that I can do this on my own time,” she says. “I like the flexibility and that I can do it whenever I want to. It’s giving me more experience as a recruiter without having to go to an office and sit and do recruiting.”

Nisha’s secret to success? “Just don’t give up, just keep going,” she says. “It does take time, and like any other job, the first candidate you come across probably isn’t the right fit, but keep on the lookout and go through resumes and you’ll find the best one.”

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Molly Powers