3 Reasons You Should Use Niche Job Boards to Recruit

Recruiting in the healthcare field relies on being specific. When you’re referring a candidate to Relode (or to another healthcare employer), knowing the right specialties, licenses, and experiences is essential to your success. However, posting on job boards can make it difficult to find the right combination of experiences.

That’s why many recruiters choose to use niche job boards when finding top talent.

What is a niche job board?

A niche job board is designed to help job seekers who are looking for a new opportunity in a specific field. Many large job boards are hard to filter through, and it can be overwhelming for a job seeker who is only interested in one industry. For example, if you search “project manager” on any job board, you’ll come up with hundreds (if not thousands) of results in every field, not just the one you’re trying to find. Niche job boards allow job seekers to find exactly the position they are looking for, and also allows companies to target the exact candidates they need for open roles.

Niche job boards aren’t just great options for candidates and employers, they’re also perfect for recruiters. Here are three of the main reasons to consider a niche job board:

More qualified candidates

A job board that’s targeted toward healthcare professionals is ideal for attracting higher quality candidates. Healthcare is an extremely specific field that requires exactly the right experience and licenses. Finding the right candidates with the right experience can be difficult on generalist job boards. On a niche job board, it’s far more likely that you’ll find candidates who understand the requirements of a healthcare job. For example, using AORN’s job board, you’re much more likely to find a qualified OR nurse than simply trying to filter through hundreds of applicants on another board.

Niche job boards remove some of the difficulties of sifting through resumes trying to decide whether a candidate has the equivalent experience. While you won’t receive the same quantity of applicants when posting on a niche job board, the overall quality of your candidates will be better.

More attention on your posts

Because niche jobs tend to be smaller, it’s much easier to be visible when you post. For example, if you’re posting about a data developer position, it will get more attention on a healthcare IT niche job site than a larger site, simply because your post won’t be competing with other data developer positions in other industries.

Candidates also tend to read the job descriptions more carefully on niche job board sites, so your descriptions will also get more attention.

More passive candidates

Passive candidates (that is, candidates who are not actively searching for new opportunities, but who may interested in the right opportunity if it presents itself) tend to frequent niche job boards more often since these boards will often offer information or insights relevant to their careers. If a nurse decides to browse a site that offers tips on negotiating salary, he or she may run across your job posting and apply.

List of Healthcare Niche Job Boards

We’ve created a list of niche job boards where you can post open positions and attract more candidates. Pay attention to whether the jobs cost money to post a position. We recommend starting with your network and getting comfortable referring with Relode before you spend your money.

Here are just a few of the many niche job boards available in healthcare. You can also look at nursing sites and blogs, since many of them also have job postings.

If you’ve found the perfect candidate, head to your Relode account to make a referral. You can also get more tips on finding candidates, overcoming recruiting challenges, and more with our Relode toolkit here. If you’d like to read how other recruiters have found success, head here.

Molly Powers