Understanding Candidate Stages

Whether you’re just getting started with Relode, a nurse or doctor referring friends, or an experienced recruiter, we want to help you better understand what is happening with your referrals. We've created a guide to walk you through what's going on behind the scenes every time you make a referral.

If you have any questions about why your candidate is in a particular stage, you can message our team through your dashboard. It's the best and fastest way to get in touch with us.


If you log in to your dashboard, you’ll be able to see a list of all the candidates you’ve referred. You’ll also notice the referral stages to the right. Here’s what each of those stages mean:



The review stage is made up of three parts — new, qualifying, and review. When you submit a referral, your referral is marked as new in our system. When we see a new referral in the system, the Relode team immediately gets to work. We first look through the candidate’s resume to see whether they meet the basic qualifications in the job description. If we find they meet the requirements, they'll move to qualifying in our internal system.


Although you won’t see the qualifying stage in the dashboard, if you receive a message that your candidate is in qualifying, it means that we’ve determined your candidate is a good “on paper” fit for the role, and that we are in the process of reaching out to him or her. Typically, the Relode team will reach out via phone, email, and text to your candidate for 9 days. If we are unable to contact your candidate within the first three days, we will reach out to you to verify their contact information and may ask for your help to get in touch. If after 5 days we still are unable to make contact, we’ll reach out to you again. We will continue to attempt to contact your candidate for the rest of the nine days. If after that period the candidate is still unreachable, they will move to “eliminated.”

This stage is why it’s important to verify your candidate’s information, and to inform them that Relode will be reaching out to them.

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Once we have confirmed that your candidate is interested in the opportunity and we have verified their qualifications, the candidate will move to the review stage. This is where our account executives will evaluate if the candidate is a good fit for the employer. During this time, the AE may reach back out and speak to your candidate again to determine fit.



Once your candidate reaches the consideration stage, it means that he or she has been officially submitted to the employer for review. This part of the process may take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the employer. If your candidate was submitted to one of the "featured" jobs on the platform, you'll likely hear back within 24-48 hours (on average). Additionally, this stage includes the interview and offer stages. Healthcare jobs can vary wildly in the amount of time they take to fill, but we will send you an update through your dashboard as soon as we hear something from the employer.

Interview and Offer


During the consideration stage, your candidate will likely be going through the interview process, which may consist of phone and in-person interview. This is a great time to follow up with your candidate and see how the hiring process is going, and you can also offer them encouragement. If the interviews are successful, your referral will receive an offer. When he or she accepts the offer, you’ll get a notification that your candidate is hired!

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If at any point during the hiring process your candidate either turns down the position or is determined not to be a good fit for the opportunity, you’ll see them in the eliminated tab. You’ll also be able to see the reason the candidate was eliminated.

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Understanding where your candidates are in each stage of the Relode process is extremely helpful as you make referrals. Remember, you’ll receive a notification from the Relode team as your referral moves through the process, and you can respond to these messages directly in your dashboard.

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Molly Powers