The Top Nursing Blogs of 2017

Dec 15

Accessing helpful tips and encouragement from other nurses across the web is one of many perks of the digital age. Since we love a community filled with great conversations about healthcare, we gathered our top ten nursing blogs of 2017! Let us know what you think, or let us know at if you have any more to add to the list.

Digital Doorway

Not only are the posts fun and easy to read on Digital Doorway, but they are also extremely informative and practical. The author, Nurse Keith, strives to provide holistic career coaching for the 21st-century nurse. He prides himself on his expert LinkedIn Knowledge. Find great tips for your career, encouragement, and personal development tips and tricks.


Renee Thompson is not just a blogger but is also a motivational speaker who offers seminars and consulting services to hospitals, academic institutions, and professional nursing organizations across the US. So her content is solidly based on research. She has a great pulse on what is going on in the industry and speaks to work culture and personal development.

The Nerdy Nurse

From the best work bags for nurses to nursing infographics, the Nerdy Nurse covers it all. The posts are fun and light-hearted, yet informative and relevant. Brittney Wilson, author of the blog, is an award-winning author and national speaker. She chats about great products, the nurse lifestyle, technology you should know about, education and pretty much everything else.

The Frugal Nurse

The Frugal Nurse gives you a look into the life of a nurse who is also a wife, mom, sister and friend. Her posts aren’t always nurse specific, but are always encouraging, helpful and filled with fun and often frugal facts. Some of her latest posts include: New Blood Pressure Guidelines, Raw Cookie Dough Could Make You Sick, and Keep Kids Safe _ Toy Safety Tips.

Marian University - Accelerated Nursing Blog

Marian University has curated an excellent blog for nursing students. It is a little heavy on the academic, informative site of things, but is filled with great stories and helpful insights into the world of nursing careers and academia. From Online Nursing coursework to the pros and cons of the BSN program, they have curated a great resource for students.


Everyone needs some humor in their life, especially if you work in the healthcare industry! The GomerBlog is the perfect read to get some giggles out after a hard day. They call it “Medical Satire,” and enjoy creating funny articles making fun of serious issues across the industry.

Nursing & Health Library Blog

Straight-forward and factual, the Nursing & Health Library Blog gives insights on popular topics in the news like overcrowded hospitals, new studies releasing and interesting discoveries. He also includes interesting new jobs and updates on healthcare. Michael Doheny also incorporates stress coping mechanisms along with mindfulness practices.


The complete opposite of our last blog, Nursetopia is a seemingly random stream of consciousness about nursing. Her posts are fun and uplifting with a bit of informative mixed in too. A few recent posts include, “ Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should,” “Free, Printable Postcards,” and “Happy Radiologic Technology Week.”


DailyNurse takes it to the next level with multiple contributors on nursing in the news and important tips & tricks. Want to know what’s going on in hospitals around the US and keep up with the latest rules and guidelines? DailyNurse is most certainly for you!

Minding The Bedside

To top off our list, we have Minding The Bedside, a meditation resource for nurses. We love Jerome Stone’s focus on more happiness at work and at home. He has great resources for intentional mindfulness in the workplace. We highly recommend!

Have any favorite blogs we've missed? Let us know in the comments!

Alyssa McNally