How One Candidate Found His Dream Healthcare Job

There’s a kind of magic when the perfect candidate meets the perfect employer, and that’s exactly what happened with Relode candidate Roger.

Roger has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, not only in nursing, but also in clinical education. From the moment you speak to him, it’s apparent that he loves his job and caring for others.

Roger was first referred to Relode by Markesha, a fellow nurse, who'd seen his qualifications and knew he'd be a perfect fit for the position. "My background helps me understand what I’m looking for and what I’m reading when I look through a resume," she says.

When Roger first found out about Relode, he was surprised by how easy the application process was. “The process was seamless,” he says. “It was quick and easy and they got back to me within an hour. I was able to reach out to the account executives with any questions I had.”

“His values aligned perfectly with the employers’” says EmilyGrace Brandes, the account executive who worked with Roger and the employer. “He went above and beyond during the interview process, and was extremely prepared for each interview he had. His confidence in his skills and abilities was really impressive, and everyone loved that he made education fun and enjoyable while while effectively communicating the information.”

Because he was interviewing for a teaching role, Roger had to put together a sample classroom lesson, so he made sure he fully understood the goals of the task. “Every hospital is looking for staff,” he says. “But they’re also looking for the best, most qualified people.”

His advice to other candidates interviewing with employers? “Prepare in advance, and focus on your strengths and experience.” (get interview tips here) Roger made sure that he was ready to give a stellar presentation, and also prepared in advance for any questions that would be asked.

Knowing what the employer was looking for before he went to the interview was also helpful. He reached out to the talent advisors and account executives for advice and suggestions, since they had direct contact with the employer.

Roger has just started his first week at his new job and is already settling in. “It’s going great so far,” he says. “I think I am going to enjoy being here… This is my dream job.”

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Molly Powers