How Michelle Used Relode to Grow Her Career

Finding a great job isn’t just a matter of luck, but sometimes it just takes the right person, the right job, and the right moment. For Michelle, the right moment came just a few weeks ago, when she accepted a job in acute care at a major community hospital in California. “It’s a rare opportunity,” she says. “I got really lucky to be able to move to ER.”

Michelle has a background in sub-acute care, and was also in the military before pursuing nursing. “I actually started off at a nursing home,” she says. She was searching for a new opportunity when she was put in touch with Sara, one of our talent advisors. Sara immediately knew of an opportunity that would be a perfect fit for Michelle.

*“If I had a friend who needed help and there was an opportunity, I would totally tell them to go to Relode. Even if I didn’t get the position I’d still use Relode. No other word but easier, smoother. Sara was a great resource.” *

“I say this with a grateful heart because usually it’s hard to get into any hospital to get an interview,” Michelle says. “Sara asked me about my background and why I’m moving positions… not even a week later she let me know they were interested in speaking with me.” During the interview, Michelle was surprised by how casual the conversation was. She and her future manager discovered they’d attended the same school, and the facility was impressed by her military background. It seemed like the match was meant to be.

“You know when you think opportunities don’t come about, then the right person comes at the right moment at the right time. Even with Relode, they helped me with the process and made it that much easier,” Michelle says. In her new position, she will be treating patients in every stage of acuity, from car accidents to colds. “I’m excited for the change, the pace, the learning opportunities I’m going to get. Because this one is a teaching hospital, I honestly think there will be a lot of teaching involved and I always want to be growing and learning and teaching,” she says.

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Molly Powers