How Maria Found the Perfect Job Match

When speaking with Maria, her positive outlook and enthusiasm radiates even through the phone. She’s just started a new job, and hopped on the phone to chat with us about her experience working with the Relode team, the new opportunity, and what she loves about what she does.

After working for seven years as an RN in med/surg, stepdown, and critical care, Maria was ready to take on a new challenge. That challenge presented itself when she applied for a job as a hospice nurse. “Even though I’d worked alongside hospice nurses, I’d never done it before. I found the position description to be very interesting and challenging,” she says.

The first person Maria encountered at Relode was talent advisor Nick (get to know Nick and our other talent advisors here). “Nick quickly got back to me… I think it was less than a week after I’d sent my resume. I really felt comfortable because it seemed like he was trying to pair me up with something that would go well with my personality,” she says.

Once Maria and the client confirmed they were both interested, the hiring process was quick. “I feel like it was super fast!” Maria says. “I keep pinching myself, thinking ‘Oh my gosh you can’t really be at work,’ but it’s been wonderful. Everything he [Nick] said would happen did. I got to speak to the managers and directors and he did a great job following up.”

According to Maria, the best part of the hiring process was being able to have an ally during her transition to a new job. “I appreciated the fact that I talked to somebody and they were there every step of the way,” she says. She adds that since she was coming from Florida to New Jersey, she mainly spoke with her managers on the phone and wasn’t able to meet them until she flew up for a third interview. “Relode was the glue to make it happen,” she says.

“You guys have been absolutely wonderful. I want to thank you and Nick especially. It was so nice, and I really feel like I have a friend. I’ve worked with humongous hospitals but here it’s more family-oriented and they know you and your family. It felt really good — the match is really great.”

“From the moment I spoke with Maria, I thought her outgoing, passionate personality was great. I joined this industry to make a difference in people's lives and for Maria to say we matched her with the perfect job, makes what I do every day worth it,” Nick adds.

In her new position, Maria will primarily be working remotely, and splitting time between the hospital and a home setting. “I get to really hold people’s hands during the process,” she says. She adds that, “I know there are a lot of nurses who like the adrenaline rush and crave the environment of the ICU. Even though I love it, I’m pretty flexible and love to learn more areas of nursing and I love that I can have so many hats.” She’s also looking forward to helping both patients and their families with the transition that comes with hospice work.

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Molly Powers