How One Retired Nurse Still Makes a Difference

Karen worked as a nurse in home health for over fifteen years. When she developed back issues and wasn’t able to lift her patients, she knew she had to find something else to do.

With years of nursing knowledge under her belt, she wanted to find something that would utilize the skills she’d developed while allowing her to work from home. “I started with Relode about a month ago. I’d forgotten about it until I saw a posting for a physician,” she says. “I know a lot of people in the healthcare field and other people who work in the offices, so I can use those connections.”

A Background for Success

Despite getting a hire barely a month into being a Relode recruiter, Karen had no formal recruiting experience before starting. “I did work at a job where we would go through resumes and call people who met a set of qualifications. It’s pretty similar to what I do with Relode, so I feel like I have a little experience,” she says.

With her warm and friendly nature, it’s not hard to see why candidates gravitate towards Karen. “I love to talk to people!” she says. “I will post and advertise the jobs and then take the time to chat and make sure the person is a good fit.”

Finding Candidates

When she posts a position, Karen takes a few minutes to review the position, and usually rewrites the description to make it appeal to her audience. “Since I know what some of these positions require I’ll rewrite them a little differently to draw in more nurses. When they get ahold of me, I look through the resume and make sure they have the qualifications,” she laughs. “Lately I’ve been a little stricter about what I’m looking for. I loved taking care of people, and now I get to take care of them by helping them find jobs!”

Karen is looking forward to helping more people connect to jobs and finding great nurses. She adds that she loves “the amazing opportunities you guys offer. I’ve never received that kind of reward even when I was working. It really caught my interest and made me think that I needed to purse this. I thought, ‘what better time to start than now?’”

Interested in how you can find more success with Relode? Here’s our guide to getting started, including how to find candidates, how to make a referral, and more!

Molly Powers