How One Nurse from Kentucky Became a Top Relode Agent

Sharla never saw healthcare recruiting in her future.

As a full-time nurse, she was too busy taking care of patients and juggling her shifts to consider a career change. However, when her shifts were unexpectedly cut, Sharla found herself actively scouring job boards for a new opportunity that would allow her to make a pivot while using the skills she’d developed while nursing.

During her search, Sharla ran across a posting for Relode. She was immediately intrigued by the opportunity to earn extra money by referring her connections to great jobs. After reading every page of the Relode website, she thought, “Wow, I have to get involved with this.” She knew that becoming a top Relode agent would take some work and time, but she was determined to be successful.

Her first step was to becoming a great agent was to get in touch with the Relode team. From the first, she noticed the willingness of the team to help her and offer advice. “If I recommend a client and they don’t have the background we’re looking for, the team is really good about clarifying what the client is looking for and are really great at communicating. They’re just really awesome,” she says.

Success found Sharla only a short time later, when a candidate she referred landed a training manager job with an $80,000 salary. “It was such an exciting thing, to find that position for him,” she says, adding that when she tells friends about the reward she received, “They’re amazed. I tell them that instead of the company paying for something, Relode is pretty much doing all the searching for them [candidates] and that we actually help them find quality, good employees for good jobs.” Since that first hire, Sharla has made five successful referrals across three different states, earning nearly $10,000.

With a bubbly personality and a smile in her voice that you can practically see through the phone, Sharla exudes enthusiasm for finding great people, and it’s hard to imagine a candidate not wanting to work with her. When asked how she finds great candidates, she laughs a little while admitting, “I actually look for jobs that I would personally be interested in myself. For example… a lot of people who have been nurses for years are more interested in case manager jobs and manager jobs so they don’t have to work the floor.”

Having worked that floor herself, Sharla is able to tell candidates exactly what to expect in positions, and intuitively understands the needs of nurses looking for new positions. “[Relode] is so simple to use and it gives everyday people like myself who want to earn an extra income the chance to do something that has a profound impact on people’s lives… It’s just an honor for me to get to help people. And these are good jobs too!”

Sharla has found that Relode allows her to easily balance working and personal life. She typically works a couple hours two or three nights a week. “With teaching, it’s no problem,” she says. “A lot of people spend time on Facebook or playing games — I’d rather spend my social media time finding candidates and earning money!

If you’d like to earn rewards like Sharla, signing up to be a Relode agent takes less than five minutes. Sign up today to start referring candidates and earning rewards!

Molly Powers