How David Became a Top Relode Recruiter

David Saechao has made two successful hires, has 13 nurses currently submitted to employers, and 27 more being reviewed by clients.

He’s already earned $5,000 in rewards and has roughly $30,000 in potential rewards if his clients get hired. All this, and he’s only been a Relode recruiter for a few months!

While healthcare recruiting isn’t exactly in David’s blood, it’s pretty close. After starting as a travel nurse recruiter right out of college, he worked his way up to a staffing manager position and also worked in virtual healthcare recruiting. Along the way, he became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the healthcare recruitment process and honed his instincts for finding great candidates.

While browsing job boards for virtual healthcare recruiting jobs, David ran across Relode. Immediately intrigued, he reached out to Walt Guest, one of our talent advisors. “When Walt had told me that these are permanent positions, I jumped on this immediately looking for candidates,” he says.

It wasn’t long before David made his first hire for a particularly tough nurse position. He reached out to his network and used his connections to find the perfect candidate, and earned his first reward in the process. “I was unsure of Relode at first, as I thought this was much too easy for this amount of money,” David says. “But when she got hired I was so ecstatic to find a company that I can utilize my recruiting talents for. I am very hopeful that Relode will continue to grow its client base.”

One of the secrets to David’s success as a Relode recruiter is his relationship with the team. He stays in constant contact with our Talent Advisors, and is great at communicating and responding to the questions they have about candidates. While David submits a large number of candidates to Relode, the longer he’s been a Relode recruiter, the more he is able to recognize strong candidates who are qualified for the jobs on the site. Talking with the Talent Advisors about his candidates also helps give him a good sense of what the client is looking for.

Working with the Relode team “has been great,” he says. “I appreciate the team keeping me up to date with my clients whenever they can. This creates a trusting relationship, and I feel confident that they are diligent in getting my candidates hired.”

The best part about being a recruiter with Relode? “The simplicity and structure,” David says. “I’ve never had to work so little to earn so much!”

Want to be like David? Our recruiters come from every background and all walks of life, and it’s incredibly easy to sign up (takes less than five minutes) and start earning rewards!

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Molly Powers