Staffing Meets Software | Matt and Joe Sparked Relode at the Right Time

Apr 22

It was now or never for Matt and Joe.

They had always wanted to start a business, so they decided to put everything on the line, even with families to consider. Joe spent nearly 12 years helping to build a successful software company, and Matt built several successful staffing offices and one company over a 10-year period.

They were each at a personal crossroads too.

After almost a decade and a half of working up to VP of software development, Joe was in a position to pursue his own software company but needed the right idea. One thing that had plagued him over the years as an IT executive was the ever-present need for talented developers.

Enter Matt Tant, Recruiter Extraordinaire.

As an expert recruiter, Matt helped Joe grow his team of developers and testers from 3 to 100 workers by recruiting several of Joe’s new hires. He was no typical recruiter, though. Matt truly cared for candidates and for the companies hiring them. To Joe, Matt redeemed the bad rap the word ‘recruiter’ often connotes.

They had both experienced hiring challenges from opposite sides: Matt knew the specific challenges of finding candidates, and Joe knew the deep frustrations of filling open positions. Together they knew the hiring process inside and out — with its purposes and pitfalls — and they began to see a way out by innovating a new way to find and organize job candidates.

The vision began with a question. Matt asked Joe, “Is there something software could do to make hiring easier?”

That question sparked Relode.

So they started meeting for whiteboard sessions to brainstorm on Saturday mornings, whether at the Panera in Brentwood, Tennessee or at Matt’s mother-in-law’s real estate office. At these sessions, they imagined another way.

But the timing was not right.

Matt was growing his staffing firm and Joe was growing his team and designing the company’s next generation product.

Matt ended up taking a job out of state for a short while before coming back to Nashville, where he launched a health care technology firm. Joe grew his team to over 100 members (developers and testers) in six years. Each had proven success in their industry, learning invaluable lessons along the way, although they couldn't get the idea of healthcare recruiting out of their minds.

In the process, Matt became a hope-filled visionary, who was well connected and efficient because he had led 100's of recruiters on his teams throughout the years, and Joe became a proficient software architect, development manager, and team builder.

Then, the timing was right in the summer of 2014. It was now or never.

So after stepping away from their successful (and stable) jobs, they finally decided to launch Relode (Research, Locate, and Delivery), a way to revolutionize healthcare recruiting. They both had wanted to start a company one day — all they lacked was the idea and resources. Relode was that idea, and God provided it. So they took the plunge.

All they needed now was time and money.

Together they sacrificially raised enough resources to launch their idea. They embarked on a journey to innovate a niche in the healthcare recruiting and hiring space, really a new space in the job market as a whole — because Relode cares about more than just finding candidates; we care about creating a healthcare referral platform that matches great candidates with great jobs.

Changing the Healthcare Recruiting Dynamic

Matt and Joe started together, and that is why Relode will serve both recruiters and companies as they make great hires. Matt and Joe bring two entirely different perspectives as experts in their field.

Together, they have created software to modernize the process of filling jobs. Named Relode, it's a referral community that is changing the way the world finds and organizes healthcare job candidates.

Learn more about what sets Relode apart here.

Relode Team