6 Reasons Why Recruiters Choose to Join Relode

There are exciting things happening at Relode! Each month, hundreds of healthcare professionals are referring their peers to our jobs and thousands are directly applying. To keep this process flowing smoothly, we’ve engaged top performing agency and corporate recruiters who get paid to screen, manage and process these candidates. If they love hunting, they bring their own candidates to Relode and get paid even more.

In the many conversations we’ve had with our virtual recruiters, these are the themes we hear over and over again in response to “Why you chose to join Relode?”

1. You can become part of something bigger

We’re on a mission to change the recruiting industry and make it better for everyone involved. The traditional staffing model requires more buildings with recruiters, cumbersome and overly expensive applicant tracking software, job boards, micro managing every detail and 50-60 hours a week in a pit. Relode is disrupting that model. We’re now filling hundreds of jobs through our online marketplace and in most cases, paying our Relode recruiters more than they could make with traditional firms and saving our clients nearly 40-50% over traditional agency fees! We have a way to go, but we’re learning every day and our mission is clear.

2. It pays really well

Most people who join Relode are seeking an opportunity to use their passion and talent with flexibility and freedom from an office, with unlimited earning potential. Experienced Relode Talent Advisors can earn more than working at an agency or in a corporate HR role. Our job is to make recruiters more efficient with their time to increase their productivity. We strive to help everyone on our virtual team reach their financial goals. For some, it’s supplementing an existing income with one or two hires a month, and for others they are well over six figures.

3. Flexibility to be your own boss

Relode has no boundaries, no limits. A talented recruiter can work anywhere, anytime, as much or as little as they want. There’s a certain freedom that comes with control, and our objective is to put the recruiter back in control of their work/life balance. We’ve got lots of recruiters who’ve left corporate America to travel the world, including Ireland, Italy, France and many other countries. We celebrate these individuals, and we are so grateful they’ve chosen to work with Relode!

4. Gain innovative tools and technology

Part of what makes Relode special is our proprietary platform and technology that is free to our recruiters. Based upon years of recruiting and staffing experience, we’ve designed our systems around the needs of a virtual workforce. We have teams of software engineers and recruiters rethinking and building new technology every single day. We’re embracing the “gig economy” and applying fresh solutions to old, tired processes.

5. Plug into a larger community

Here at our corporate office, we are a team of software developers, marketers, account managers, and former staffing veterans who are dedicated to serving the needs of our community. With hundreds of healthcare professionals and recruiters joining the Relode platform each month and new clients joining us each day, it’s a good time to be a part of Relode. We are a business on a mission: last year we were able to sponsor nearly 18 nurses and doctors to go serve aboard the Mercy Ship in Africa! We want to do more, and we need your help. Join us on this bold mission to use our recruiting skills to drive millions in savings to a broken healthcare system and have a global impact on others.

6. Access to largest healthcare companies in the country

When you join Relode, you’ll immediately gain access to hundreds of jobs from the top healthcare companies in the United States. Our investors, The Heritage Group and Frist Cressey Ventures represent investments and partnerships with over 550 hospitals, 90,000 beds, and over 500k employees generating over $300 billion in revenue. We’re thankful that these world class employers have invested in Relode and rely on us to fill critical openings from coast-to-coast.