When your network is everything

“My mindset is that I’m always recruiting, but I’m not recruiting,” Rose tells me during our Tuesday morning conversation. A former home healthcare administrator, Rose discovered Relode after stumbling on a YouTube video about side hustling.

While having a healthcare background was helpful for knowing the right lingo, her current experience in real estate gave Rose the people skills she needed to succeed as a Relode agent. “I love talking to people!” she says.

When she first found the Relode platform, Rose discovered that it was fairly easy to navigate. “It was easy to get started. I looked and the platform is very user-friendly. I clicked around and started looking. I didn’t know what was possible… I just thought seeing the jobs ‘wow, I can do this,’” she says.

Rose started working on jobs by starting where many successful recruiters start — with her network. “I talked with my network of people I’d worked with in the past,” she says. Her approach is all about connecting with candidates on a personal level, in a way that’s not pushy or overly aggressive. “I have a couple of qualifying questions and don’t ask them in a way that has a lot of pressure. [for example] If I’m at the grocery, I’ll start talking to someone and just ask ‘oh, what is your background?’ and have my qualifying questions ready just in case they’re interested in a new opportunity.” Having the mindset of continuous recruiting helps her to identify not just candidates, but the right candidates.

In addition to her personal network, Rose also swears by in-person networking events to meet qualified candidates. “Networking events work!” she says. “They really do. You can get there and start talking to people. Some people are introverts like me, but then you can just have your qualifying questions ready to ask them. It’s that same mindset, that you’re recruiting, but you’re not recruiting.”

Her advice to new agents is to be persistent and to take the time to understand what Relode is about before becoming an agent. “I’d say go for it,” she says. “Look at the opportunity, look at what it is. For me what was important was getting results. It’s online and fairly new, so understand what it is, then go on there, find an opportunity to promote, and get results.”

Rose hopes to continue to recruit with Relode, and also likes that her referrals help to support volunteers who serve onboard Mercy Ships. “Relode’s user-friendly and I’m always looking to help people improve themselves. Having this opportunity to share jobs with people, it’s awesome. I like Relode is also into helping others with their charity,” she says.

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Molly Powers