Relode’s New Year

Jan 12

With the start of the new year, I wanted to take a quick look at 2016 and say thank you for helping us make it happen!

How Relode has grown

Over the last twelve months, the Relode community has grown to nearly 4,000 healthcare professionals, and is growing by 75-100 new members every day. These are real healthcare professionals who want to learn how to leverage their networks and increase their earning potential by connecting people to healthcare jobs. Our members are excited to help their friends get amazing healthcare jobs, earn extra income, and most importantly, help reduce overall healthcare costs. We are breaking new ground and we are jumping up and down with joy as we watch nurses recruiting nurses; faster, cheaper, and way more efficiently that we could ever do when we were running a traditional recruiting firm.

Thanks to your support and hard work, we are excited to say that we have paid over $40,000 in rewards to Relode agents in 2016. To put that in perspective, that is more that we made in total revenue our first year in business. At an average pay of $20.65 per hour for Uber drivers, it would take 1,985 hours of driving to equal what a Relode agent can earn without using their time or their car.

The healthcare jobs marketplace is changing

Our team is on a mission to completely disrupt the traditional agency model that is used by healthcare companies to find staff today. We estimate over $1.1 Million will be paid out in agent rewards in 2017. We are passionate about helping healthcare employers fill mission-critical healthcare jobs while saving millions and focusing on what matters most, patient care. Thanks for being on this journey with us.

Happy New Year!

Matt, Relode Co-Founder and CEO

Relode Team