Relode Update for 2016

Jan 18

Last year was filled with tons of excitement, anticipation, learnings, and amazing growth and progress! Wanted to fill you in on exactly what went well, what we learned, and where we’re headed in 2016.

Mile-markers from 2015

  • Grew our staff from five to 11 employees
  • Raised $1mm+ in seed round
  • Launched marketplace of on-demand recruiters in February
  • Won HRTech Innovation Award
  • Launched hiring software that makes recruiting a delight in October
  • Added advisory board member Rusty Rueff
  • Held first ever on-demand mobile career fair with Uber Nashville
  • Launched partnerships with, Typeform, Grasshopper
  • Highlight Statistics
  • 3 browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • 7 email integrations
  • 3 candidates delivered on avg. per project
  • 1582 clients signed up
  • 1641 unique jobs created in our platform
  • 182 projects completed
  • $164k in total projects ordered
  • $466.24 avg. cost per completed project
  • 14.6 avg. projects ordered from top 5 clients
  • 55 percent of our clients ordered multiple projects
  • 16 avg. days to complete a project
  • 100+ virtual recruiters
  • 100k+ candidates stored in our platform for clients
  • 23 upgrades to Pro or Business software subscription
  • 71 new blog posts
  • 9,300+ blog sessions
  • 93,000+ page views on

2015 Updates by Month

2015 was great—every month of it. So we wanted to give you the chance to review any of our updates you missed and learn where we are going!

  • February-May Relode Update: Rusty Rueff to Advisory Board, HRO Today Award & 336 Clients
  • June Relode Update: Growth, Travels & Beta News
  • July Behind the Scenes at Relode: Trip to San Francisco, Indoor Karting & Life Lessons
  • August Relode Update: Beta Released, New Site Launched, and New Records Achieved
  • September Relode Update: New Records, Major Video & Browser Extension
  • October Relode Update: We’re Live!
  • November Relode Update: 100s of Sign Ups, 1000s of Site Users
  • December Update: Uber job fair and lots of new users!

Our People: We grew our staff from five to 11 employees

Relode is a human-powered healthcare recruiting platform, because our people drive our platform and services. We’re nothing without our staff, which increased from five people to 10 staff in 2015, and we couldn’t do our work without our agents (see agent spotlight below).

They say the three pillars it takes to start a lasting business are capital, a good idea, and a great team. Above all, it’s team that wins. We have an amazing team, a great platform, and a massive global opportunity to help fill healthcare jobs.

2015 Agent Spotlights

Our software platform went live in October.

From our marketplace launch in February until the full launch of our software in October, our development team worked tirelessly to bring you our software platform to make the experience modern and enjoyable.

Relode’s software platform really is a lot like “Pinterest” for recruiting. It makes receiving candidates from our agents and sourcing candidates a fun experience!

Potential of a Healthcare Referral Platform

One of our greatest accomplishments in 2015 was failing fast, testing various models, and finding out what doesn’t work. Like Edison who discovered the lightbulb after finding 10,000 ways that didn’t work, we’ve tested and found what works. That’s just part of startupland, and we’re fully engrossed in it with a big vision for this year! So what’s the big change in 2016?

Focus. Most exciting is that in less than 10 months from our launch last year, we found out what worked and what clients love! We learned what the market really wantsin a healthcare referral platform is quality candidates delivered on-demand and in a cost effective way with the quality only a human eye can provide.

Our marketplace of virtual, on-demand recruiters launched mid-February of 2015 in the BETA version, while we focused on building additional candidate management features into our platform.

After launching these features in October (and looking back at the data and results), we quickly realized we had created something very special: “marketplace”—a novel model, bringing the affordability of a job posting and the precision of a headhunter directly to clients by utilizing technology, scaling principles, and opening direct access to the source. That is, our agents deliver only qualified and screened candidates in a price-per-candidate model.

Moreover, of the 182 projects completed in our platform, more than half were healthcare related projects. Based on these results and customer feedback our entire team agreed that we should double down our efforts on our “marketplace” (that is, our healthcare referral platform) as our major focus for 2016.

How big is the opportunity for healthcare jobs?

It’s big—really big! Roughly $72 billion is spent each year by U.S. companies on recruiting products, staff, and services. On average, there are over 5.47 million job postings per month in the U.S. with an average cost of $387 for one 30-day posting. For example, in healthcare alone there were approximately 800,000 job postings in the U.S. each month in 2015, which is an increase of 42 percent since 2014, according to Indeed.

Relode’s healthcare referral platform brings to clients the precision of a headhunter and the affordability of a job posting, all with a quality guarantee. It’s the best of both models. On January 20th, we will release a fully integrated version of our software based on customer feedback with more ways to get candidates. We welcome you to follow us along and join us in our journey to bring to life this model that has been built by our clients and agents and for the world!

Relode. The Human-Powered Job Posting.

As always, thank you for your support. Excited to be on the journey with you!

—Matt and the Relode Team

Relode Team