Relode Founder/CEO Matt Tant on Disrupting the Healthcare Staffing Industry

Relode founder and CEO Matt Tant was recently featured on the Recovery Unscripted podcast, a production that’s powered by Foundations Recovery Network, at their Innovation in Recovery Conference in San Diego last month.

During the interview, Matt represented Relode, sharing the lessons he learned about the healthcare recruiting field from his football career. By utilizing that knowledge and setting goals for himself, he’s been able to disrupt the healthcare staffing industry by creating a place for recruiters and marketers to effectively use their professional networks.

Matt shared that his career in the healthcare recruiting industry was something that fell into his lap unintentionally. Noticing that the recruiting field lacked innovation, he developed his own method of finding talent and became eager to share it with others. In that same way, he shared with podcast listeners how Relode chooses clinical-based recruiting to help healthcare providers hire the best people for clinical positions.

Hear more of Matt Tant’s insight for the recovery community in the full Recovery Unscripted episode below. Click the link, scroll down to episode #13, and enjoy!

Episode #13: Disrupting the Healthcare Staffing Industry with Matt Tant Embedded content:

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