How to Refocus Your Priorities for the New Year

Jan 4

Happy 2018 Relode family! We love all that the new year can bring. We have new opportunities to change, to reassess and to form new habits. As you reflect on some possible new year’s resolutions, we’ve collected a few thoughts on how to refocus your priorities for the new year:

Make a List

Get everything down on paper. Write out your thoughts, your dreams and your ideas. Refocusing starts with getting it all out there - making your goals a reality starts with no bad ideas. Don’t hesitate and just start somewhere.


Go through your your list and prioritize. What’s most important to you? What is something that simply can’t wait until next year? Start with those items and make a list from top priority to least priority.

Set Realistic Goals

Now that you have a list, start setting realistic goals. We like to call them SMART goals: Specific -- who, what, where, when and how is a great place to start. Measurable -- can you track if you are meeting your goal? If not, try shaping it in a way that is trackable. Attainable -- can you actually accomplish this goal or are you setting yourself up for failure? Relevant - is it inline with your other goals? Does it have baring in your life? Timely - your goal should have a time limit. You should be able to know by what day or time you will accomplish this goal within the year.  

Some examples of SMART Goals to get you started:

  • I will write one three to five pages per week.
  • I will read two marketing books per month.
  • I will post on LinkedIn three times a week.
  • I will sleep 8 hours every night.

Create Daily Habits

Daily habits help us make the most amount of change in our lives. As you create SMART goals, implement some of them as new daily habits. You will feel more accomplished and more motivated to go after your other goals if you start with these daily rhythms. Some great examples are: drinking 3 cups of water a day, going for a thirty minute walk three times a week or drinking only one cup of coffee.

Share with us your New Year goals and resolutions — We love to hear how the Relode community pursues their goals!

Alyssa McNally