The Trend Savvy Recruiters will Focus On This Year

One of the biggest trends in healthcare (just ask our CEO!) is the rise of telemedicine jobs. More and more companies are embracing this trend, which means that as a healthcare recruiter, you should be considering what the popularity of telehealth and telemedicine might mean for you.

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What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a growing field for doctors and nurses that uses technology to provide medical services. Typically, this involves providing healthcare from a distance, specifically over video or over the phone.

Originally, telemedicine was designed to help patients who lived in rural areas that didn’t have easy access to healthcare services. Today however, telemedicine is used increasingly in the general populations, especially for patients who either have difficulties getting to an in-person appointment, or for those who simply don’t like waiting in lines at the doctor’s office. Some telemedicine companies are also offering the ability to let patients consult with specialists that live out of state or too far for the patient to get to.

Issues like the current nursing and physician shortage has also contributed to the rising popularity of telemedicine. A doctor can significantly increase the number of patients he or she sees by offering virtual consultations, and saving the physical visits for those patients that require more complex tests or multiple staff members.

Benefits of working in telemedicine for physicians

While there are a number of reasons a physician might pursue telemedicine, there are two primary causes.

Better work/life balance

One of the most important considerations for physicians in their positions is the ability to have a work/life balance. During residency or med school, young doctors have very little downtime, so having a career that allows them to find a balance between working and the rest of their life is paramount. Telemedicine is often an appealing solution to this issue as it lets doctors work at their own pace, whenever they want, and often from the comfort of their own homes or home office.

Opportunity to grow their practice

The global reach of telemedicine makes it ideal for doctors who are looking to grow their individual practices. It gives them access to more patients in new areas, who can then refer more patients to the physician. Doctors aren’t limited to their own towns and networks.

What the popularity of telemedicine means for recruiters

For starters, if you haven’t considered recruiting on telemedicine jobs, now is the time to consider. According to a recent study, 65% of U.S. hospitals use telehealth technology to help patients, so these jobs are only going to become more numerous.

For recruiters, learning the nuances of what it takes to work in telemedicine is an invaluable skill that will help you to reach and place more candidates. If you’ve previously worked in permanent physician recruiting, that’s a good place to start. However, you many need to refine your pitch and the way you approach physicians to talk about the position. It also means that when talking about a role, you should be up front with how much the job will require telemedicine.

Take the time to understand what a physician is looking for and then refine your pitch to explain how a telemedicine position could be a good fit. It may be that your candidate wants a more flexible schedule, or that he or she wants to connect with more patients without uprooting their entire lives. Asking them questions to understand what matters most in a new position can help you figure out how to best place them.

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