The Right Attitude for Success

“The part I like is the interaction, the reaching out and talking to candidates,” Mike, one of our agents, tells us during the course of our conversation about his first hire. “You learn a lot about the people you talk to and the clients. I really enjoyed that part and wanted to get back to it.”

Mike had worked in physician recruiting years before starting with Relode, but he had transitioned to a slightly different role at his company, MD Preferred Services. “I stopped doing it full time but I always enjoy the people and experience you have when you’re recruiting,” he says. He heard about Relode in an email from a fellow recruiter and was intrigued by the idea. “I haven’t done recruiting in a while and thought I’d check it out. I thought I’d do it as a side thing and it turned out to be really easy actually.”

From the beginning, Mike enjoyed how the Relode platform offered a different experience than other traditional recruiting agencies. “It’s a refreshing take on recruiting — it takes away the headaches of having to work in a big company and having these quotas to meet,” he says, adding that “You can pick and choose the jobs you want without having a list of things you need to worry about. It was very easy to jump in and start working.”

When he first started referring with Relode, Mike started by focusing on physicians, since that was where his expertise and experience had been in the past. “I kind of discovered that hiring a doctor was harder than it used to be,” he laughs. “So I picked healthcare IT and that’s when things kind of clicked for me. I have friends in IT and I have them look at the resume and say ‘hey does this look good?’ It’s all about finding something you can relate to.”

As he got more comfortable finding and referring candidates, Mike found that he was able to better identify what a specific role required. It wasn’t long before his first hire.

His advice to new agents?

“Don’t overload yourself with jobs. Don’t pick 5-10 jobs that have the biggest rewards — that’s what everyone is doing. But those are the ones that are the hardest to recruit for.” He adds, “Find a job or multiple jobs that you are comfortable talking with and you have some experience with (for example a husband or wife with a nursing background). Once you get confident, you can pick the bigger jobs that have the bigger rewards. I mixed and matched until I found the ones where I was comfortable.”

In the future, Mike is optimistic that he’ll find more success with Relode. “It’s really easy to submit candidates and get feedback, and it’s easy to keep things going even when I wasn’t working on a specific candidate,” he says. “It’s a welcome change from how things were done in the past.”

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Molly Powers