Why It's True That "Nobody Knows Nurses Like Nurses"

One of our favorite sayings at Relode is “to find a good nurse, ask a good nurse.”

Markesha Dozier is a good nurse (who also happens to be a top agent).

After working in the healthcare field for around 13 years and as a nurse practitioner for five of those years, she has an instinctive sense for when a nurse would be a good fit for a position.

“I got an email from the founder when you first launched,” she says. “I joined and never really did anything with it.” However, toward the end of 2017, Markesha randomly rediscovered Relode and went back to check it out.

Once she made the decision to start working as a Relode agent, she wasn’t sure where to start. “At first, I thought it just had to be people you know, and I sort of got stuck,” Markesha says. “Even though I worked in healthcare, all my close family and friends worked outside the healthcare field.”

It wasn’t until Markesha started attending the weekly Agent Advantage webinar (a invite-only, weekly webinar for agents to about new hot jobs, how to find more candidates, and more) that things changed. “It was like a lightbulb went off,” she says. “I found out that I could be a recruiter and connect to people in the healthcare field.”

From there, Markesha was able to find groups to reach out to, and started to connect with healthcare professionals. She found that her healthcare and nursing background was invaluable when it came to connecting with candidates. “I understand what I’m looking for and what I’m reading when I look through resumes and talking with candidates. Understanding that medical language has definitely helped me in being able to look for candidates,” she says.

Once she got the notification her first candidate had been hired, Markesha was “excited and surprised at the same time. My eyes got real big and I was like ‘wow, that’s cool!’”

She loves the independence of being a Relode agent. “You really get out of it what you put into it,” she says. “You determine how successful you are. You’re working for yourself to help people find good jobs, and you can work as little or as much as you want, it’s up to you. It’s fun, and definitely different than what I normally do.”

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Molly Powers