Maintain Recruiting Momentum During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year.

It sometimes feels like the moment December hits, calendars fill up with parties, holiday shopping, visiting friends and family, and a hundred other obligations. With all the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find the time to maintain your momentum as a Relode recruiter.

In fact, most recruiters actually make fewer referrals in December than any other month, even though there are just as many rewards available. However, recruiters who don’t refer during December often have more difficulty getting their momentum back in the new year.

For example:

  • It might take two weeks to find a great candidate.
  • Which means it might be around four weeks before the client interviews your candidate.
  • Which means you’ll have to wait eight more weeks before receiving your entire reward.
  • That’s nearly two months lost because of a two-week break.

However, before you commit to completely skipping this year’s vacation, focus on working smarter now, so that when you come back from the holidays, you’ll be ready to find more candidates and earn more rewards (and you’ll finally be able to make that figgy pudding recipe you’ve been meaning to try).

The key to being a successful recruiter and working smarter over the holidays means maintaining a pipeline of the activities that lead to success (more on this soon).

This also holds true for finding candidates. If you’re taking a break for the holidays, make sure to stock your candidate pipeline with multiple candidates now, making sure to consider how quickly the client will hire, the type of position, and of course, the reward.

More Reasons to Stay Engaged During the Holidays

  1. Many organizations are looking to hire more quickly near the end of the year, so although they may not be posting new positions, they are often desperate to hire for their open positions. In addition, many facilities are eager to hire before their budget starts over in the new year.
  2. Director and other higher-level positions tend to interview and hire more slowly, so if you submit a candidate now, they’ll likely interview in December to start in the new year (and this often goes for other positions as well).
  3. Recruiters who refer 10 or more candidates to the platform are seven times more likely to have a hire.

Taking a little more time to refer candidates on the front-end will help massively during the holidays, and you’ll be able to return from your holiday festivities with more energy and with candidates already in the later stages of the hiring process. Set yourself a referral goal (albeit smaller than other months) and resolve to stick to it. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Molly Powers