How an Experienced Recruiter Side Hustles

“If you can hire for one thing, you can hire for anything,” Kimberly tells us during the course of our conversation about her first Relode hire. A medical recruiter for about ten years, Kimberly had previously worked for a home health company where she hired nurses and therapists, but had never hired for roles beyond that. “The position I filled I didn’t have experience in,” she laughs.

Kimberly had found Relode a few years previously, but hadn’t really invested any time referring candidates. “I looked at it but never really did anything with it,” she says. When she saw a recording about Relode it jogged her memory. “I sat in and listened to this recording or conference call where they went over Relode and thought ‘this seems like something I could be interested in on the side,’” she says.

As a work-from-home recruiter, Kimberly was interested in ways to earn more money on the side. “I work from home or travel to our sites. There’s a group of us who are experts and give suggestions about how to change thing, make recommendations, and do reports. When I started with Relode I was looking for ways to make money on the side,” she says. It was during one of these side hustle searches that she remembered Relode. “I saw the jobs come through from my email all the time,” she says. “I was skeptical because you don’t see this kind of money every day. Like, no way are these fees real!”

To get started, Kimberly looked through the positions and started submitting candidates for jobs that looked interesting and that she had good candidates for. She also bookmarked jobs that had the higher fees and focused on finding candidates that fit the criteria. “The position I did fill I actually reached out to her the day I submitted her. She responded but didn’t give me any contact information. I found out she had a side practice, reached out, talked to her, and then submitted her. I’d also thought the role was closed but apparently it was open. After that I thought ‘I can do this, this is easy!’” she says.

Kimberly likes that Relode gives her the opportunity to keep her recruiting skills in practice. “I kind of got away from recruiting and I miss it! This helps me hone and keep my skills sharp,” she says.

Her advice to new agents is to be persistent. “What I would say is don’t give up,” she says. “The process is a long process, but it’s well worth it in the end and it does work. It’s the best way to make money, and the easiest way to make money for me. Just work it, the program works.”

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Molly Powers