How a Healthcare IT Professional Finds Healthcare Jobs

Kevin works in recruiting, specifically in the information technology space. That’s why when his boss told him about Relode and the earning potential for referring solid candidates, he was a little confused. “I was like ‘Are you sure about this?'” Kevin shares. “But, I’m really happy he let me know about Relode because I’ve felt that it’s given me another opportunity to explore.”

Kevin appreciated his boss’s graciousness, which allowed him to pursue additional avenues to earn more money … a rarity indeed. It wasn’t long before he made his first successful referral, merely underscoring his effectiveness at recruiting.

We sat down with Kevin to find out his thoughts on the Relode agent experience, find out what tips he would share with new Relode agents and more.

How did you know that your candidate would be a good fit for this job?

I knew that my candidate would be a good fit for this role because after years of working in this industry, I recognized that his qualifications met the background that was required.

What do you think of Relode compared to traditional hiring?

I live in the traditional world of recruiting, but I personally really like what Relode has to offer. I think it gives recruiters the opportunity to do things and work on things that they may not have access to in their current jobs. I think it’s a great way to earn additional income.

How was the process?

I thought the process was easy and that Relode’s platform was seamless. I felt very in the know about my candidate’s process, and all I had to do was source and refer a candidate, which was great. From there, Relode put in the back-end work and kept me updated throughout the entire process with emails and phone calls. I felt like I knew what was happening with my candidate — and why — the entire time from my Account Executive and Relode.

__How did you establish this relationship with your Account Executive? __

I established the relationship by just being honest and upfront in communication with my Account Executive about my candidate. Communication is key and as long as I know what’s going on, I felt involved in the process the whole time.

What tips and tricks would you offer other Relode Agents?

I would offer the advice to only take on work that you believe you can fill. Obviously, my background is in IT, so utilizing Relode to find nursing positions probably won’t be my specialty, but definitely take on things that you feel qualified to handle.

“I thought the process was easy and that Relode’s platform was seamless.” — Kevin McNamee, Relode Agent

Advice for new Relode Agents?

Be honest and upfront about your candidate’s skills and availability.

Would share Relode with friends?

Yes, I would definitely share Relode with friends. I’m happy that my manager did, and I would do the same for others.

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