Tips and Tricks from Our Top Recruiter Tony

We love rejoicing with our recruiters — they work so hard to help awesome people find their dream jobs. Tony Gulley has had so much success placing candidates through our healthcare referral platform, we thought it would be fun to learn from his experience.

Here are a few questions and answers to help us gain from some wisdom from all his years as a recruiter.

Tell me about the first time you heard about Relode. I started at Relode in April. I had been recruiting for three and half years, at that point primarily with I was curious to know what other recruitment options were available to me and stumbled upon Relode through a few different industry articles.

When did you know Relode would be worth your time? Relode seemed extremely promising right off the bat because of the excellent communication from the team. One of your account executives connected with me and gave me her number and was always ready to answer my questions. She gave me her number and even allowed me to text her. She was quick to get me responses and helped me make my candidates happy — everything was quick and informative which goes along way in the recruiting industry.

I think this is what got me hooked on Relode, my first candidate went from referred to placed in 7-8 days. A seriously great turn around! The Relode team worked really quickly and helped answer all my questions.

How do you explain your role at Relode when reaching out to candidates? Every email starts with a little paragraph introducing myself, a calendly link and the job description. I ask the potential candidate to set up a time for us to chat together if they are interested in learning more about the position. I really enjoy the calls because they give me a chance to talk with the candidate and truly see if they are a good fit for the position.

How do you decide which healthcare jobs to work on? I use a spreadsheet to track everything and see where I succeed best. I have found that perform highest in case management because I have a background in it through my mom. She has been a case manager for many years, and I’ve learned the lingo. From there, I also recruit similar positions to case managers. I will also focus on other jobs around sales, and any other markets I understand really well.

At the end of the day, I want the ones that are harder to fill and not the ones that everyone else is working on.

What’s one thing that you would say is special about Relode? Your team and the communication you provide, it was really the differentiating factor. They really helped me know where to spend my time and focus in on different details.

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Alyssa McNally