How to Share Your Unique Relode Link

One of the habits our most successful recruiters swear by is using social media to find great healthcare candidates. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram are incredibly valuable resources for reaching out to more people in your network who may be looking for jobs.

To make sharing jobs as easy as possible, we’ve created a unique link that you can use to share healthcare jobs on social media. If you’re new to being a healthcare recruiter, this link will easily allow you to connect nurses, doctors, and IT professionals to healthcare vacancies in their chosen specialty.

How to share your link to healthcare vacancies

First, log in to the Relode platform. You must be logged in for the system to generate your link.

Next, choose a job that you’d like to share with your network. Different links may be better suited for different platforms. For example, pediatric nurse jobs may perform better on Facebook, while medical assistant jobs may get a better response on LinkedIn. For more information about how to talk to candidates on social media, head here.

Once you’ve chosen a position to broadcast to your network, select “share job” to generate a link.

You can then copy this link to share the job on your social networks. There are also social share options below that you can use to send the job via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. For more information on how to use these links, check out our Getting Started Guide.

Our system automatically attributes the link to you. However, when you share the link with someone who does not have a Relode account, the reward will not be visible to them.

We hope this overview makes it easier to use your network to share jobs.

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Molly Powers