How Relode Helps the Healthcare System Save Money

From going to the gym to grabbing our morning cup of coffee, we all have our daily routines. And sometimes, we just keep doing our normal rhythms even if they don’t make the most sense. We become unknowingly dependent on the way things have always been done. And let’s be honest, the habits and routines of the healthcare system are no different. The industry always has and always will have a high demand for professionals, and healthcare recruiting services have been the way to solve that problem. And the crazy part about the system is healthcare employers have gotten into the habit of spending $23 billion a year on these healthcare recruiters. But sadly the traditional recruiting services have become a necessary part of the cycle in a healthcare employers’ routine.

And we don’t blame them, because we all have the same types of habits.

Habits are hard to break

Let’s take coffee drinking, for instance, over 50 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day…that is over 150 million people. And that statistic is just regular coffee made from a traditional coffee maker, not the fancy lattes or iced coffee or pour overs from third wave shops. The love of coffee is so ingrained into America’s rhythms that there are over 16,000 Starbucks stores across the US and over 500 people going to each of those stores every single day. And each person pays an average of $2.10 for a cup of regular coffee. So that means, if an average American goes every morning before work, they will spend 42 dollars a month on this routine.

Now if those same people took out their daily Starbucks run and made their coffee at home or at the office, they would save at least 30 dollars a month (for the same coffee). By taking out the middleman, they would save over 70 percent!

How Relode changes healthcare recruiting

Well…at Relode we have created a similar way to save, but on a much larger scale. We take out the middleman and get the jobs to the right people like your coffee maker gets you the coffee without a barista.

Employers who use Relode save an average of 50% on healthcare recruiting costs. We know that healthcare professionals know other healthcare professionals and that tapping into that community directly is the best possible approach to recruitment.

So, Relode is a new, simple, streamlined way for healthcare professionals to stop losing time and quality to outdated recruitment processes by taking out the middleman. And save an average of $8,000 per hire. And on top of saving money; employers are getting better professionals, a better experience, and happier employees.

Alyssa McNally