How Don Partners with Relode to Recruit Top Candidates

For about 15 years I’ve been the hiring manager for large companies,” Don tells us during the course of his chat with Community Manager Tia and me.

“My favorite role is staffing,” he says. “I was responsible for staffing a 500-person call center.” Although he enjoyed the opportunities in that position, Don decided to start his own business — a consulting firm that focused on organizational development. Recently, he got back into his original work and put his side job on hold, before returning to school to get his master’s in Human Resources. “I really enjoyed it, and I decided to rebrand my business and focused on sourcing and recruiting,” Don says. “I really started focusing on my recruiting business this year. It’s still pretty fresh, but I have hiring experience from my past.”

Don’s experience made choosing to recruit with Relode a natural fit.

“To be honest, it [getting started with Relode] was super simple,” he says. “I’d been looking for something to build my own business. I received a LinkedIn message and then looked at what they offered and signed up. Taking the time to find clients takes a lot of effort, but Relode has already done that, so it’s very simple for me.”

When recruiting for Relode, Don finds it helpful to focus on roles he already understands when recruiting “I don’t know what the clients require,” he says, preferring to focus on admin and management roles. “It’s easy to add the jobs to my jobs and track them. The responses from Relode are usually super fast, and the responses are really helpful,” he adds, “As far as onboarding goes, it was really easy.”

Don credits his success to having a strong applicant tracking system. “It’s a great place to track everyone who comes through,” he says. Keeping track of all his candidates on his own has been invaluable, since he can follow up with them, and if they end up changing jobs later on, Don will be the first person on their minds.

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Molly Powers