Healthcare Tech Startup Helps IT Professionals Find the Right Gig

Healthcare requires more than just doctors and nurses. It takes a whole team of professionals to ensure good people get quality care. From research to compliance, healthcare IT is a rapidly growing field with lots of opportunities, and it’s critical to work with the right people in finding and securing those opportunities. Enter Relode—a peer to peer community that understands in order to find the best people in healthcare, you’ve got to ask the best people. Relode’s network is committed to helping IT professionals find the right gig.

A pulse on the industry

Tech giants like Amazon are looking to add experts in health privacy regulations and make gradual moves in the healthcare space. The company recently announced the need for someone to own and operate the security and compliance of a new initiative, and work with partners that manage personal health information. Within the industry, companies such as Baylor Scott & White Health and Parkview Health are looking to focus their efforts on self-sufficiency and data ownership in support of compliance.

However, a new study reveals cybersecurity in healthcare to be the hottest hiring hotspot. According to the study of 19,000 cybersecurity professionals, healthcare hiring managers in the U.S. plan to increase their cybersecurity workforce by 39% this year, outpacing all other industries. The need for information security skills in healthcare is so great, that almost three out of four hospitals don’t have a security expert. This is a problem given that organizations face an increasing threat from hackers gunning for healthcare records.

How Relode can help

As a technology company focused on healthcare, Relode recognizes how valuable IT professionals are. Not just to keep an organization running smoothly, but for innovating and creating new technologies. Relode also realizes that IT professionals value time and efficiency when searching for jobs and new projects.

If you’ve been working in healthcare IT for some time and are looking for new jobs, or if you’ve been referring candidates to agencies and not getting paid, Relode is worth checking out. You can find a job or earn weekly rewards for referring peers. Sign up today to be notified when new opportunities are added to the platform.

Relode Team