Announcing Healthcare IT Jobs

When I first started recruiting, it became apparent pretty quickly that the staffing industry was broken. Employers wanted the best candidates, but most hiring companies charged excessive fees and only offered access to a limited number of candidates. Critically examining these processes is what eventually led to the creation of Relode (Research, Locate, Deliver).

When we first launched, I asked myself a few simple questions: what do healthcare employers really want when utilizing staffing services, and how can we deliver it in a new innovative way that creates significant savings and provides access to the best talent? While that may seem simple, asking this question over and over has helped us focus on what’s most important: helping our clients, agents, and candidates connect to the best people and the best jobs in healthcare.

Where we started

Since our beginning, we’ve worked to create a healthcare hiring solution that looks beautiful, is easy for anyone to use, and saves healthcare employers thousands while connecting healthcare professionals to the best healthcare jobs. Right now, hospitals and other facilities in the U.S. pay nearly $20 billion annually to fill their open projects and positions. We wanted to lower those costs, and also provide access to better, more qualified candidates.

Where we are

We created the first online healthcare recruitment platform where anyone can earn money by making a referral (in under two minutes). These referrers, (our agents) are why we can do what we do. Since we’ve launched, we’ve added nearly 25,000 agents. Unlike a traditional staffing firm, our building is virtual and online, further increasing our reach. Employers can save more, and they’ll have access to an ever-expanding network of healthcare professionals who are incentivised and motivated to refer their peers to healthcare jobs.

This past October we launched our new locum division. Locum (or locum tenens) are short-term physician assignments that last anywhere from a few days to a few months. When physicians and advanced practice registered nurses are referred to a locum job, the agent who referred him or her will be paid biweekly.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, now we’re adding something else.

Where we’re going

One of the fields we’ve always been passionate about is technology, and as a technology company that is focused on healthcare, we realize how important and valuable IT professionals are. Not only when it comes to keeping a company running smoothly, but also when creating new technologies and innovating manual processes.

We also realize that IT professionals value time and efficiency when searching for jobs and new projects.

That’s why we’ve decided to incorporate healthcare IT jobs into our platform to make finding and booking top IT projects easier than ever. Before long, you’ll start to see some of the top healthcare IT opportunities and assignments for top EHR (Electronic Health Record) vendors like Cerner, Epic, Meditech, and various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) projects like Lawson, Oracle, and SAP. You'll book your own assignment directly and earn weekly rewards by referring your peers to projects.

If you’ve been working in healthcare IT for awhile and are looking for new healthcare jobs, or if you’ve been referring candidates to agencies and not getting paid, Relode might be for you. You’ll be able to find a job, book a project, or earn extra money from one platform.

If you’re interested, you can sign up to be notified the moment these opportunities are added to the platform. We’ve just gotten started, but if it's anything like our other areas of business, we’re projecting hundreds of IT jobs for both permanent and contract within the first few months of 2018.

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