4 Great Shoes for Nurses That Will Keep Your Feet — and Body — Happy!

Apr 21

For most healthcare jobs, you likely spend quite a bit of time on your feet. And while many healthcare professionals have their go-to shoe brands (we’re looking at you, Dansko!), there are plenty of great shoes for nurses and doctors — and even non-healthcare folks — that are worth a try as well.

Before we look at the top picks, though, let’s get a solid understanding of what features you should look for in a great shoe. Considering the fact that you’re spending a lot of time walking and standing, there are some key features to look for in your shoes to ensure you have maximum comfort and that you’re taking care of your body and preventing long-term back and leg pain. These qualities include (but are not limited to):

Support: Make sure you have comfortable arch support and appropriate cushioning to help stabilize your posture and prevent back and leg pain Traction: Make sure your shoes provide slip resistance. There’s nothing worse than a workplace fall!

Quality: You’ll likely log some long hours in these shoes, so ensuring they are made with quality craftsmanship is a must! There’s no point in buying shoes that you’ll have to replace a month or two later!

Alright, now let’s get to the fun stuff. Here are some of the top-recommended brands of shoes — and even some specific models — that come highly recommended for healthcare jobs. Take a look:

Dansko Pro Unisex Professional Clog

Okay, let’s go ahead and pay homage to this nursing shoe created by a quality brand that has long been revered for its quality and comfort. They’re the ideal shoe for long days on your feet thanks to their shock absorption and breathability. We’ve shown the basic black model, but there are plenty of fun color and design options on the Dankso website. Prices start at $120

Dansko Professional Clogs are available in a variety of colors and patterns; prices start at $120.

Koi by Sanita Lindsey Nursing Clog

Made by long-time Danish clog company, Sanita, this model specifically designed with nurses in mind. Having received a stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association, these shoes have a padded instep and actually are designed to propels you forward. A heel cap and shock-absorbing sole ensure premium comfort, and ample space at the toe ensures no squished piggies!

Koi by Sanita Lindsey Nursing Clog, $130

Alegria Keli Pro Night Rosette

A perennial favorite, the Alegria Keli Pro Night Rosette is among the most top-rated shoes for nurses. Fabulous arch support ensures happy feet and a happy back, while the Memory Foam insoles welcome your feet back into a comfortable fit with each and every wear. They’re easy to clean and come in regular and wide fits.

The Alegria Keli Pro Night, $119.95

Birkenstock Boston Professional

Once considered a shoe brand exclusive to the hippie crowd, Birkenstock has earned its way into a much larger and well-respected slot for customers of all kinds. For the healthcare crowd (or anyone on their feet all day), the “Professional” line is ideal. The Boston model within that collection features Birkenstock’s signature cork bed with premium arch support. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, and the sole provides slip resistance to keep you on your feet. Available in white and black.

Birkenstock Boston Super Grip, $150

Got your perfect shoes picked out? Now it’s time to find your perfect job! Search our healthcare jobs here.

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