How to Use Social Media to Manage Employee Referrals

Jun 15

According to one survey 69 percent of companies integrate their employee referral program (ERP) with social media.

Do you use social media to generate employee referrals? If you haven’t integrated social media into your ERP, it’s never too late to start.

But how? In essence, you must make clear your social media process, communicate consistently, and make the plan easy to execute. Here’s how to get started:

Make Job Postings Easy for Social Sharing

Part of clear corporate communication is making it easy for employees to share job openings. A great goal is to give employees a one-click method for getting the job posting to their friends. Here’s a few avenues that may take a little time to develop, but will be worth your investment:

Create a specific button for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If your current tools don’t have this, you or your web developer can follow these instructions from Hubspot to create sharing buttons.

  • Include a clear job description
  • Include an engaging picture in the post for social sharing

Social Media for Employee Referral Statistics

The top platforms for integrating social media into employee referral programs are, in this order:

  • LinkedIn (83 percent of companies report this as a favorite platform)
  • Facebook (74 percent)
  • Twitter (42 percent)
  • Google+ (22 percent)

Other favorites of companies include Stackoverflow, Pinterest, Dribble, Github, and Instagram.

Quick Statistics on Social Media and ERPs

Via LinkedIn: “LinkedIn emerged as the most preferred social platform amongst organizations that have a social media integrated referral program. 83% organizations who use social media to drive referrals confirmed to be using LinkedIn.”

According to one social recruiting survey, 30 percent of recruiters said that implementing social recruiting has improved employee referrals for them. So if professional recruiters are leading the way for innovative, recruiting strategies, then corporate recruiters should follow them. It works—that’s why recruiting professionals are investing into social media more and more for employee referrals.

How do you use social media for generating employee referrals? Drop us a line.

Chad Harrington