Why December is the Best Time to Find Candidates

It’s a common myth in the recruiting world that finding candidates in December is impossible.

Most people suggest that hospitals and other healthcare facilities don’t hire during December and that it’s pointless for agents to even attempt to find candidates. However, according to a survey of recruiters by the executive career network ExecuNet, 69% of clients report that they place as many, or even more, candidates in December as in any other month.

With the need for nurses to fill healthcare jobs growing every day, smart recruiters know that this month is one of the best times to refer a candidate to a new job.


Here are 5 reasons why December is the perfect month for finding candidates.

Less Competition for Healthcare Jobs

Because a lot of corporate recruiting companies run out of their budgets at the end of the year, much of the competition slows down from other sources. There’s a lot of assumptions that no one will be in offices due to the holidays, so referring candidates makes no difference. Luckily for you,healthcare is a year-round necessity. While other industries may take time off, hospitals and facilities certainly won’t.

Take advantage of the fact that facilities are still looking to hire and interview in December and try referring candidates now.

Holiday Travel

December is the number one time that employees take time off to visit their families. Spending time with their families may stir feelings of wanting to move home to be closer to loved ones. This may give agents the opportunity to present positions in areas a candidate might not have previously considered.

Holiday travel also means that candidates may have their phones, tablets, and laptops with them more often, which means that it’s a great time to use social media to connect with them.

New Graduates

Although we typically think about graduation in the summer, a large portion of nurses graduate in December each year, and these new grads are actively looking for their first nursing position. Additionally, since they have likely just finished school and exams, their minds will be more ready to focus looking for healthcare jobs, giving you the chance to connect them to the perfect opportunity.

Refocusing on Career

Many healthcare professionals will find themselves rethinking their careers at the end of the year. Healthcare and nursing is a tough job, and after a year (or years) in a specific facility, many nurses will inevitably be considering if they want to stay longer in their current position.

Additionally, December is typically the time that employees receive their annual holiday bonuses. Since employees know they likely won’t receive their next bonus until the following December, it may reduce their desire to stay at their current facility and may be willing to look for a change, especially if they feel their bonus was less than they expected or if they feel another position earned more. Reaching out to these candidates and helping them find another position with the environment and benefits they need can make a life-changing difference and re-invigorate their careers.

More Time

Many people use December to take extra time off, which also means they’ll have more time to interview,chat with our talent advisors, and work with the client. It also means that they’ll have more time to learn about Relode.

Also, consider that many people might not celebrate the holidays in December, so these professionals may have even more time to consider a career move.

Finding candidates during December may seem like a daunting task, but reframing your mindset can make all the difference. Remember, it’s the season of giving, and you’re able to give the gift of a new opportunity with long-term career benefits for every referral.

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Molly Powers