Crowdsourced Hiring is the Now

Finding top talent (especially in healthcare) is more difficult than ever, and many companies find themselves struggling to find qualified physicians to fill their open positions. Traditional staffing agencies are having difficulties as well. Their networks are not able to keep pace with the need for jobs, and traditional postings are yielding less qualified candidates, which leads to slowdowns across both industries and frustrations on both ends.

These inefficiencies beg the question, are recruiting companies even relevant? Is it time to cut the middleman and handle all hiring internally?

Hiring and Technology

Our answer? Yes, but.

Yes, we need to get rid of outdated practices and embrace new methods, but we also need to consider how existing staffing companies can integrate technology and harness that technology to make faster, more effective hires for hospitals and facilities.

It’s not a secret that online staffing agencies (especially sites for freelancers like upwork and odesk) are slowly overtaking traditional agencies in terms of how many qualified candidates they can reach, and also their ability to find specialized roles.

However, these online staffing agencies aren’t a perfect solution either. While they excel at finding niche positions, they encounter difficulties when filling the actual needs of an employer, and are also challenging for companies to use when hiring higher level employees.

Which brings us back to yes, but.


Crowdsourced Hiring as a Solution

Yes, online staffing companies are where the industry is headed, but we need to be mindful of what employers actually want when making a hire. We see crowdsourced healthcare as an answer to this dilemma. Crowdsourcing combines the power of an online staffing company with the discernment of an in-person agency. It puts the power to find a great candidate into the hands of those who already know great candidates, saving companies time and money.

This is the future of healthcare hiring. Yes, it’s a more innovative, more thoughtful way for employers to fill their open positions with qualified candidates, but it’s turning to those who know qualified candidates best. It won’t be long until this new way of recruiting finds a foothold, and crowdsourced recruiting becomes the way to find healthcare professionals.

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