Caring for People is What You Do Best

Sep 19

Relode believes in making the healthcare process work better for everyone, and we think a significant portion of that comes from empowering nurses and other healthcare professionals with the tools they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We think you all rock at your healthcare jobs and are so grateful for the long hours and hard work you put in day in and day out to care for others.

We want you to know how awesome you are and to feel excited about the work you do. Isn’t it crazy that nearly half (49.8%) of responding nurses are thinking about leaving their profession due to feeling overworked and disrespected by their co-workers?

Let’s work together to change that. Let’s have long-lasting, healthy, and rewarding careers.

Let’s stare burnout in the face and fight against it…

Clarify expectations with yourself & your supervisors

Analyze your work, have a few conversations with your supervisors and clarify what is expected of you. Then do the hard work of self-evaluating, figure out what you actually expect from your work and take the time to align your own expectations with your supervisors and colleagues.

Set healthy boundaries

Think through the past couple of weeks and make a note of any work you’ve allowed yourself to take on that falls outside of your job description. Stop doing those things and explain to your supervisors and colleagues why you’ve stopped doing them.

Create outside rhythms

Start with one event or regular rhythm that you can create outside of the workday each week. Make it something you love doing and look forward to. Don’t sacrifice it or stop making time for it: Prioritize your fun.

Schedule rest

Rest seems simple, but it makes all the difference. Make intentional plans for downtime every day, create a space to refill your tank. In the same vein, do your best not to overload the rest, keep it simple.

Relode, peer for peer, empowers you to be at your best. Allow yourself the space to breathe and to care for yourself, because caring for people is what you do. You should never be the exception.

Alyssa McNally