7 Best Side Hustles for Nurses and Doctors

Feb 5

It’s not for nothing that side hustling has become practically universal today.

Adding a side job is a great way to earn extra income on top of your day job, and can sometimes be a way to try something new without having to go all in on a new venture.

Whatever your position, there’s a side hustle that can work for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best side hustles for nurses and doctors.

Writing or Blogging

Freelance writing can be a great side hustle for nurses or for doctors, and there are many places you can submit your writing that value a nurse or doctor’s perspective. However, some of these outlets can be difficult to pitch when you don’t have a lot of writing experience, so consider starting a blog or website. There are some great tips for monetizing your blog here and here.

If you’re just starting as a writer, you can also reach out to be a guest blogger on various sites. This is a great way to build credibility and get traffic to your site. (want to write for Relode? Reach out to blog@relode.com )


If you’re a doctor or an NP, you may have success in telemedicine. Telehealth, which is one of the fastest growing branches of medicine, involves consulting with patients via phone or video. Many people choose to practice telemedicine on a part-time basis (although some people work full time) since it’s a flexible option that allows you to work wherever, whenever. Learn more about telehealth positions here.

Float pool or locum jobs

Another option for nurses and doctors is to pick up extra shifts and assignments through signing up for the float pool or taking on extra locum shifts. The float pool will let you take on additional shifts (sometimes in other departments, which is also helpful if you want to eventually move to a new department).

Locum assignments (or locum tenens) are short-term physician assignments that last from a few days to a few months. Travel and malpractice insurance is typically included in locum opportunities (browse Relode’s locum jobs here).


Experienced doctors and nurses may find success with consulting. Whether you work part-time for a consulting firm or start your own business, you can offer expert advice in your specialty to those who need it.

Becoming an expert witness

If you’re willing to offer insight into your specialty, being an expert witness can be a interesting and helpful side hustle. There are several services you can register with to provide an expert opinion at trials and hearings (here’s a way to get started) and you can help make a difference to people’s lives.

Teaching a class

If you’re a nurse, you’re likely experienced in CPR or other life-saving techniques. Teaching a class can be a good way to earn some extra income, and can also help you maintain your skills for when you need them. Depending on your interests and hobbies, you can also teach other, non-medical classes.

Refer friends to Relode jobs

Of course, we think that one of the best side hustles for nurses is becoming a Relode recruiter. You’ll be helping friends and colleagues connect to great jobs and you’ll also be able to earn rewards up to $17,000. You can learn more about becoming a Relode recruiter in this post, or you can sign up to start referring here.

Molly Powers