When One Diagnosis Changes Your Life

For Vickie Richards, becoming a Relode agent happened at exactly the right time.

Like many agents, Vickie didn’t have a background in either recruiting or in healthcare. In fact, she was working full time in payroll administration when Relode came into her life.

However, things changed when her mom was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer.

Realizing she needed to be home for her mother, Vickie began looking for remote jobs that would let her work from home and help her mother get the care she needed. “I was searching for different things and ended up getting an email from Relode,” she says.

In her previous position, Vickie had gained experience in hiring and in referring friends to jobs, which made trying Relode a natural fit, although at first she was nervous facing common recruiting challenges because she didn’t have a healthcare background. “A lot of the stuff I still have to Google to look up,” she laughs.

“At first I thought I had a shoe-in for finding candidates,” she says, adding that since her sister is a nurse she expected that her sister and her sister’s friends would be interested. “But they were happy with their jobs!” she says. She realized she was going to have to find candidates in a new way. “I didn’t know anything about finding candidates when I started,” she says. “But I saw a post in the Agent Advantage Facebook group where some guy put a job board in big letters, so I called them, got a demo, and posted the jobs.”

It was only a few months into being an agent when Vicki got her first hire.  “If you could’ve seen my reaction, I was dancing around my little home office!” she says. “I got anemail and at first I thought my candidate had just been moved to qualifying since all I saw was the congratulations.’ Then I opened it and saw they’d been hired!” She added, “I just sent her a thank you note since word of mouth is everything. She may know someone looking for a job!”

Vickie now brings her infectious enthusiasm to finding new candidates, and is currently one of Relode’s top referring agents.

To stay one of Relode’s top agents, Vickie makes sure to stay in touch with the Relode team. “What I love is that I can pick up the phone and actually talk to someone. The communication is great, I love that. You need a support system when you’re doing something like this and I feel like I have that at Relode. I can send an email and get an email right back, and I can call and get an answer right away,” she says.

If you're interested in becoming a Relode agent, you can sign up here, or read more about what it takes to get started.

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Molly Powers