How Creativity Turned This Recruiter Into a Top Referrer

Jacquel Antoine is the kind of person who automatically makes you smile.

After working as an elementary school teacher for eighteen years, he is used to communicating ideas with clarity and enthusiasm, and he has a natural way with people that easily translates to working with healthcare professionals. When combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, these qualities make it easy to imagine Jacquel as a top Relode recruiter.

“I’ve always enjoyed networking,” he admits, adding that he loves being an entrepreneur and pursues other side-hustle opportunities. When he received an email from Relode,he was immediately interested. “When I read how Relode actually worked I got really excited, but I wasn’t sure I could get involved. I thought you had to work in the medical field,” he says. However, Jacquel was still interested in the opportunities Relode offered, and decided to reach out to one of the Relode Talent Advisors. “I realized that anybody could do this and I told Relode ‘if all you need to do is know somebody in the medical profession I’ll find someone.’”

When his full-time job as a pre-K teacher changed unexpectedly, Jacquel decided to pursue substitute teaching so he could focus more on other businesses and put more time into being a Relode recruiter. However, he’s found that being a substitute has unexpected benefits for being an recruiter. “The first thing I do is go and introduce myself to the school nurse,” he says. “They always know other nurses looking for work and I can tell them ‘hey, if someone’s looking for a new job, they can give me a call.’ Instead of it being just some random guy, they trust people they already know.”

For Jacquel, working with Relode has been a great experience. “My favorite thing is how easy it is to get started,” he says. “When I did my first referral, I put in the name, email address, and phone number and Relode did the rest. I just sat back and read the emails! I get the notifications on my phone and I can call Relode, or I can log in to the site to see things for myself.”

That first referral (found through a nursing Facebook group) has inspired Jacquel to continue pursuing new candidates and opportunities.

He says, “I’m so excited about this I love this, I got cards made and everything. The money you can get just blew my mind.”  

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Molly Powers