How a Simple Side Hustle Led to Much More

If you’re looking for an agent with a knack for finding qualified candidates, look no further than Andrea Deas.

This top referring agent has only been with Relode for a little over six months, but has already secured several hires, despite not having a healthcare background.

“So I actually started in supply chain,” she says. “My day job is procurement for a technology company, and the longer I worked there and saw various processes andemployees the more I realized that you’re only as good as the person who recruits you.” This realization prompted Andrea to consider a career in recruiting.

Even though she knew she wanted to enter the world of recruiting, Andrea knew she couldn’t just quit her job and pursue it full time. “To find your candidates, you need a network,” she says. She found that Relode offered a way to dip her toe into recruiting without having to make a complete pivot. “I found Relode online and have been doing it ever since,” she says. “I saw the post on LinkedIn or something and I thought ‘I can learn about healthcare.’ Prior to this I had no experience in healthcare so I’m still sometimes Googling things!”

Andrea’s first hire (which would quickly become the first of many) was a wound care nurse. “It was so seamless,” she says. “It was a virtual position and I looked over her qualifications and it seemed like a good fit. Then it was like ‘Oh, okay, she’s hired!’ I remember thinking, ‘It’s that simple?’”

Now, she finds the majority of her candidates on social media sites. “When I’m finding candidates I’m focusing on the jobs that not many agents are working on,” she says. “I look at what they’re going to get in the city where they’re going to be living, home prices, neighborhoods, schools, things like that. I also look in places I’d like to live. The difference is making it valuable. How can I differentiate myself from other jobs and other agents?”

The secret to her success? “Control the controlables,” she says. “All I can do is ensure that I’m putting qualified candidates in the pipeline. People’s desires change, maybe they applied directly, or changed their minds about the job. There are so many factors that happen after you submit — I just focus on if I’m finding someone qualified and if I can sponsor the candidate.”

In addition to working with the Relode team, Andrea loves that being an agent gives her an entry into recruiting. “I never thought about how challenging it is for recruiters,” she says, adding that “The psychology of the person reaching out to you is really interesting, and I can see people failing on the sales side. I like that Relode makes it so I don’t have to do the hunting and gathering myself. The sale and getting the contract is difficult, so going home and looking at these qualified candidates is the perfect sweet spot for me. It’s an awesome platform and I’m proud to be part of the team.”

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Molly Powers