How Curiosity Leads to Success

“It’s so convenient for me, because I love to talk!” Karen jokes when she, our community manager Tia, and I chat on the phone during a cloudy August afternoon. It’s impossible not to smile when you’re talking to Karen. Even over the phone, she exudes an upbeat and cheerful energy.

“I got an email [about Relode] quite some time ago, and it completely slipped my mind,” Karen says. “I have experience and connections in the healthcare field… nurses, doctors, the whole nine yards. I thought, ‘I’m going to try recruiting’ even though I haven’t had any experience. Relode struck my interest because I can do it at my own pace.” She signed up to be an agent and started her recruiting journey soon after.

Karen soon found that Relode allowed her to use her skills to connect to people and then connect them to positions. “When I first started recruiting with Relode, I was still working full time, and after my contract job ended, I started focusing more on pursuing candidates and focused my attention on Relode,” she says.

Karen loves to stay busy, so she takes the time to do research into a position to get a sense of the exact needs of the job. She also looks at the preferred qualifications and makes sure her candidates have not only the “must haves,” but the preferred qualifications as well.

Her secret to success? “I love to talk!” she laughs. “I have an inquisitive mind and I’m always asking questions. I want to know things, and so I introduce myself — I have no problem approaching and talking to candidates. It does help, speaking to candidates and I know what to ask.”

At the end of our conversation, we asked Karen for her advice for new recruiters. “The first thing is to have a lot of patience, because it won’t happen right away,” she says. Be persistent, follow through with candidates, and make sure they meet the requirements.”

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Molly Powers