A Letter From Our CEO

My recipe for fixing America’s Healthcare problem...it might not be what you think.

By 2024 nearly $1 out of every $5 spent will be on healthcare (2). Add to the mix the $23 billion spent each year by companies on healthcare recruiting services (1), and there is no question that our current system is broken.

For too long the healthcare industry has relied on tired practices and outdated solutions to take care of Americans. Most people (except for the select few who benefit from the current model) are tired of the increased costs, declining coverage, and time lost in a waiting room.

For most people the problem has become unbearable.

It’s frustrating to spend thousands of dollars each month for health insurance. Who really has three hours to sit in a waiting room for a routine physical? And clinicians feel the same way. Who has time to run through the mirage of paperwork that must be completed for a patient to have the twenty-minute procedure he or she desperately needs. If you’re like me, and tired of a broken system, then maybe you can help.

The need for a new healthcare recruiting model

My entire professional career has been spent in healthcare recruiting and staffing. If I‘m being honest, I’ve even benefited from many of the tired staffing models that no longer support our healthcare system. In traditional staffing models it can take healthcare providers months to find the right talent for their open positions. And, when the staffing company finally provides the talent, they ask for thousands of dollars in recruiting fees, and they can charge those fees because there is such a shortage.

But like you, I decided it was finally time to participate in the solution. So I created Relode. Relode is a healthcare recruiting platform for professionals like you and me to refer our friends and colleagues for amazing jobs and get paid, cutting out all the waste. From nurses, to PAs, to MD’s and every other type of clinical role you can think of, Relode’s community is filling them.

What changes with Relode? Hospitals find candidates faster and more efficiently. Instead of one recruiter or a few agencies working on an opening, Relode broadcasts the openings through our platform to thousands of people like you and me. When you refer a candidate that gets a job, you get paid. Wait, what? Yep. You get paid to get your friends jobs and hospitals save over 50%.

Pretty cool, huh?

This works. Let me tell you about a nurse in our platform named Amy. Amy is a stay at home mom and former nurse who joined the Relode community. She referred 5 nursing friends to amazing jobs and 3 got hired.(Watch Amy’s Story ) Amy made nearly $10,000 in rewards, and the client saved thousands and received top notch passive candidates. Relode reduces healthcare spend, savings that can be used for things that really matter like more staff, more cancer research, and more heart disease and diabetes prevention. When hospitals are fully staffed, we don’t wait as long in a waiting room, and the quality of care improves.

We could use your help. If fixing healthcare is something that interests you, and if you like making money and helping out your friends, then sign up. It’s free and super easy to use. It takes about two minutes to start earning money. Healthcare hiring should be simple. Let’s make it that way together.

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