5 Tips to Start Your Healthcare Job on the Right Foot

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you wake up the morning before starting a new job. Emotions run high and all the stress and joy run together — the mix of jitter excitement and fear. As you prep for the big day, take initiative to think through how you will transition in and prep yourself to handle all of the change and emotion well. Not only will it help you impress your new colleagues and bosses, but it will also help you to enjoy the ups and downs. Here are five tips to start your new healthcare job on the right foot:

1. Listen first. Talk Second.

In the first month of a job, a whole lot of information is thrown at you. Be sure to listen first and talk second. And when you do talk, ask more questions than make statements. Even if you are entering into a leadership position, listening to the people who have been there longer and have experienced the job first-hand will set you up for success. Listening establishes trust with your new colleagues, it shows that you value them and that you are going to be easy work with. It also helps you learn what you need to know and will help you understand the new environment as quickly as possible.

2. Establish Relationships

Making friends is always a good idea. Take time to learn your new bosses and colleagues, not only will it make work more fun, but it will also make any challenges you face easier and less stressful. Understand that these new relationships will take time to develop, but sharing a trip for coffee, lunch table, or simple hello will be a great place to start.

3. Define success with your boss

Ask for a meeting with your supervisor within your first week. Get on the same page about what success looks like within the company and for your boss. This conversation will help you both be on the same page and will help you prioritize what to work on and learn first. Ultimately, it will help you be less intimidated by the largeness of the new job and know how to do well and advance further in the organization.

4. Learn their systems first

It is always tempting to bring in your old systems and processes into a new job. Everyone reverts back to old habits and tendencies, and it can often feel like your way is the best way. In reality, the team you are entering into feels the same way about their systems. So before offering new ways of doing things, understand and learn their systems. After you’ve tried it “their way” for a few months, then offer helpful critiques and suggestions.

5. Set attainable goals

No matter what job you are walking in to, make goals for yourself both professionally and personally. Write them down and share them with your boss. Start with goals around learning, these are the most attainable especially in the beginning. This practice will help you avoid becoming static in your work and will help you to continue to move forward and get better.

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Alyssa McNally