4 Daily Habits of Successful People

In a line of work that is truly life’s work, not just a job, it’s nice to know that people are noticing you. We see the hard work that nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals do all day for all of us. And as your advocate, we not only want to thank you, but we also want to take the time to encourage you.

Every day you take a lot of time to care for the people around you, it is what makes you successful. However, it can also be easy to forget about yourself in the process. So we’ve put together four daily habits of successful people to help encourage those healthy rythms that set you apart in and out of the workplace.


Taking a few minutes to meditate each day encourages healthy focus and a heightened attention span during other activities. Having quiet time to analyze your thoughts reduces stress, affords you more confidence, and allows for more intentionality. Meditating can be best implemented in the context of routine, pick a time and space that will work for your schedule consistently and form a habit of leaving that space for meditation.


Getting enough sleep is extremely important, any healthcare proffesional will you tell you just that. Sleeping allows you to function at your highest potential. Studies show that it improves your memory, curbs inflammation, and sharpens your attention to detail.

Sleep is critical to success; even Albert Einstein preferred to get at least ten hours of sleep a night. So be intentional to make the necessary adjustments in your schedule to allow for adequate sleep. If you work the night shift, make space elsewhere in your schedule.


Read and do it often. In the age of apps and social media, most people aren’t searching around the library for some good books to read. But studies have shown that people who do read are actively stimulating their mind and are, therefore, more likely to succeed. The practice helps prevent Alzheimers, allows you to be a better communicator, allows you to be growing mentally and keeps your mind open to new ideas.

Devote 30 minutes or more each day to education or self-improvement through reading. Various news publications, biographies, and self-help books can aid to stimulation, and inspiration even if you don’t read every last word.


Working out is good for the body and even better for the mind. Exercising regularly not only clears your head and doubles your productivity, but it also makes you feel more motivated and ready for the day.

Even 30 minutes of walking, aerobics, biking or yoga can be the perfect amount to set you up for success. Find a friend, pick a time and a place and stick to a schedule. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll be happier too.

So there you have it: meditate, sleep, read, and exercise every day, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself even in the midst of caring for others.

Alyssa McNally