3 Things You Should Know About Us

If we could sum up Relode into three things, it would boil down to our love for our referrers, our appreciation for the healthcare industry, and how awesome we think healthcare providers are. Everything else about Relode is just a cherry on top.

1. We are nothing without our Relode referrers

Relode only exists because of the dedication and work of our agents – their success is the truest measure for our company’s success. Their deep love for their communities and connecting their friends and colleagues to the healthcare jobs in their network is the crux of Relode’s existence.

Our recruiters come from all different walks of life, and use Relode for a variety of different needs. Some use Relode as a way to make a full time income, others use it as a way to make a little extra money on the side, and even more healthcare professionals use it as a way to find new opportunities in their field. Either way, Relode referring agents are the heartbeat of our company.

2. We love connecting people to healthcare jobs

The healthcare industry is a huge part of our world. In the United States, it has become a necessary machine for people to get great care and access to the tools they need for a healthy life. Just like any big machine, parts of it break sometimes and need some extra maintenance to help make it run well. Recruitment is one of the small parts in the big machine of healthcare that we hope to aid in — giving healthcare professionals direct access to healthcare jobs while saving everyone a little money in the process. We know healthcare provides so much for the people who work within it, and the people who receive care from it — and we love it! We want it to be the best that it can be.

3. We think the world of our care providers

At the end of the day, healthcare in all of its complexity, provides life to not only its patients, but also to its care providers. They are some of the most dedicated, hard working people we know, and we are so grateful for the way they consistently serve us. We really think they are the real heros of our day. Relode is truly just here to serve the people who are doing life’s work. Our agents and our care providers are the crux of our organization and we are proud to stand behind them and support them in their careers.

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Alyssa McNally