Welcome to Relode.

A healthcare job marketplace where professionals find, refer, and apply for great jobs in the United States… and get paid for doing it.

The Relode Story

What Makes Relode So Different?

Healthcare employers spend $23 Billion a year on recruiting services and are hungry for innovative alternatives. At the same time, nurses, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals are overworked, underpaid, and looking for new ways to increase their earning potentials. Relode is an online community marketplace that allows healthcare employers to save money on recruiting costs by paying healthcare professionals for candidate referrals.

Why does Relode work?

We understand the difficulties facing both healthcare employers and healthcare professionals – we’ve helped healthcare employers save hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruiting costs, and thousands of healthcare professionals use Relode to make money referring friends and colleagues for jobs.

Why does Relode help?

Healthcare employers who use Relode save an average of 50% on recruiting costs and no longer face staffing shortages, resulting in better patient care. Healthcare professionals who use Relode as Agents make money  while participating in the solution, helping friends and colleagues find great jobs.

How did it start?

In 2005 Matt Tant (Relode Co-Founder & CEO) was in his second week as a new recruiter. A Fortune 100 company had paid his staffing firm a $144,000 retainer to recruit an executive-level financial candidate. He quickly found the winning candidate by offering a referral reward to his college alumni network. While financially rewarding for Matt and his company, Matt realized how broken the recruiting and staffing industry was.

Four years later, Matt was selling IT services to a technology group led by Joe Christopher (Relode Co-Founder & CTO). They struck up a friendship and realized they shared a belief that something needed to be done about the expensive and innefficient recruiting process. Finally, in the summer of 2014 they decided to launch a software company to solve this problem. Relode (Research.Locate.Deliver) was formed.

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